Should students have the freedom to bring and read the Bible in school?

Asked by: brooke07
  • Yea they should

    Why shouldn't they its a free country isn't it, don't answer that please but the united states of america is free an of to let a African president to put us in billions of dollars in debt and be reelected president than a student should be aloud to bring a bible to school and read. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • This is a free country.

    No one can say that a child is not allowed to read a book hey want to read. It still is a book after all. If a student chooses to read the Holy bible, let them because they want to. If someone says this is wrong, they are wrong. Our country is a FREE country. That means they get to read whatever they want.

  • Yes, but only within reason.

    So long as it is not raised as a subject of debate or referenced as a source of the 'truth' in class, I see no reason why students should be banned from reading the Bible in their break or lunch time. Reading the Bible is not a crime, thus should not be treated as one in a school environment. By imposing the belief that it is wrong to familiarise oneself with the claims of a group of people, barriers within society are being enforced, ensuring misunderstanding between human beings. Students should be free to bring any religious text of their choice into a school, providing it is not inhibiting their learning.

  • Yes, When Appropriate.

    The Bible should not be prohibited in schools as some part of the division of church and state, but the school does have the right to restrict non-scholastic material to be brought and read at school. Yes, the students should have the right to bring a Bible to school, but should not let it interrupt their lessons. There are other times to read your Bible.

  • Freedom of religion

    Kids should be aloud to bring their bible to school and be able to read the bible with no complaining. If the child does not have anything to do and the teacher says read a book and the child brings the bible out its a book so their is no reason for the child to get bullied or in trouble. They have the right to read the bible anywhere. It shocks how many people get in trouble for following God and reading the bible but if people are out doing drugs they really don't that's the sad part everyone should know about the bible and God. People think drugs is so much better than God well its not.

  • Everybody Has a Right...Just dont let it be disruptive

    I think students should be allowed to read Bibles in school as long as it doesnt cause a disruption. If it causes a disruption and backlash then it should be discussed as something not all public schools should do. Every student had a right to read what they want. You can't force anyone to do anything, especially if its their personal preference

  • They already do

    This is a stupid question, because they already have the right to do so. Hell, I could bring a copy of Mein Kampf to school and read it. As long as I mind my own business and don't infringe upon the rights of those around me, there is no reason why I couldn't read anything.

  • Yes as long as its not forced.

    The separation of church and state is nowhere in the constitution. The freedom of speech and religion is, however. People have the right to say and read what ever they please, wherever they please, and whenever they please. They do not have the right to indoctrinate it upon others. Bringing and reading any religious text is part of the freedom of religion and speech.

  • School isn't a place to show religious objects.

    I don't think any religious object (bible, coran, necklace with a cross on it, anything with a clear reference to a religion) should be allowed in school. It's not about freedom of thinking or liberty to do what you want, it's just I don't find it appropriate bringing any religious objects to school, like i don't find it appropriate if guys/girls wear really short shorts/skirts to school. School is a place where you learn and socialise, appearances shouldn't matter. Therefore there also should be a separation between church and state.

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