• Teachers are bullies

    My teacher hates me and frequently screams at me, even though I'm a goody goody in most lessons. The only reason she doesn't like me is because she stole a "Self Evaluation of Lessons" I had to write and decided I was a negative person so she shouted at me in front if half the class. I dread every Geography lesson I have and I try to make myself ill sometimes just so I don't have to attend them. Anyway, she gives us homework every other lesson, or something similar to that, usually a few pages writing rubbish or research that goes towards nothing relevant in our topic. If you do it to a high standard, she ignores you. If you do it adequately, she'll moan and tell you to do it again. If you do it to a low standard or not at all or any reason she'll kill you and give you a detention. And it's easy to get on her bad side. I should stop complaining - sorry for wasting your time.

  • Too much stress

    Too much homework's is definitely a huge stress for kids. At least they had a go at it and tries to do their best. Most kids stresses and goes to bed at 11 because of undone homework. As high school kids have different teachers for different subjects teachers doesn't realise how much homework a kid gets per day. As kids stay up late they wouldn't be as energetic and would be sleepy during class.
    Why give kids stress!!!!!!!!! You were a kid once what did it feel like!!!!

  • Evidence does not support it

    There is no real evidence to support its value. In fact evidence shows that in younger grades it is actually detrimental. Even in high school, the benefits are so minuscule that the extra hassle is not even worth the effort.

    Kids need to use their home time to do a variety of constructive things like play sport, do extra curricular activities, play a musical instrument, help out in the house, learn life skills, get a part time job, do arts and crafts, play, develop their creativity, interact with friends and family and so on.

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