Should Students Have to Have a C Average Instead of a D Average?

  • College Applications ?

    Most colleges are NOT going to take anyone below a C average, and it doesn't matter if they had a diploma or not. If someone came to a college that I had and wanted to get in with a D, I would say take a hike.
    Just my two cents.

  • Yes They Should

    Students should have to have a C average instead of a D. If a student has a D, that means they are performing below average in whatever class they are taking. That should not be acceptable or commendable. A C is acceptable now and I do not think we should lower standards.

  • I Feel Strongly that students should

    I feel students should be at least average for their grades. D and F are unacceptable for America and should be retaken in summer school. This is unsatisfactory and students are not trying hard enough. This is not helping our future generations of America and the grade standard should be raised!

  • Students should pass.

    Because each teacher is supposed to differentiate in their classes and if one kid is lower than the rest the teacher still has to teach that kid what they need to know.. Also teachers might be giving false grades and favoring other students with the same level of work but giving different grades

  • Some people just aren't good at some subjects.

    The thing about it is that the rates for C and D are arbitrarily set, so what is considered average maybe not exactly be average. Some people are just not going to be able to do better than barely scraping by no matter how hard they try, and I don't think that forcing them to stay behind is really acceptable when they are likely doing just fine in other subjects.

    No, I do not think that D's are reasonably acceptable for the most part, but I do believe that a D is simply slightly below average, and that somebody who is within ten points or so of the average should be given the benefit of the doubt.

  • Grades are already inflated.

    Grades are already inflated in public schools, so changing the required average will do nothing but further inflate grades. A close friend recognized in high school that he did not do the minimum amount of work necessary for a class and had failed multiple exams, and asked the teacher to fail him for the class. Even after being asked, the teacher did not fail my friend, passing him along to the next level with the minimum grade. Cs will simply become the new Ds; Ds will become the new Fs (which are rarely given out today).

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