• Yes. They Should

    I Take 2 languages. My second language was spanish and it helped when i took a trip to Puerto Rico. I was able to understand everything they told me. So a second languages helps in all aspects of life. Students should take a second language like i did and a lot of people do.

  • Prepare for the future.

    A second language can help students because there are so many other languages out there. I am learning Russian, which is a huge stand out for colleges. Many jobs may require the use of a different language because of globalization. Chinese, Japanese, and European languages should be taught in school from at least the 7th grade, so we can prepare the students to face the world, because not everyone speaks or understand English, one of the hardest languages in the world.

  • Yes students should have to learn other languages. I think doing so shows a good-faith effort to be members of the global community.

    This world of ours (which used to consist of isolated groups who had little reason to know anyone's language but their own) is rapidly changing and evolving into one large global community where interacting with a dozen completely different cultures can be accomplished in the space of an hour via modern technology. How arrogant it is for any one of those groups to assume that all they need to know is themselves! While it would certainly be ridiculous to assert that a person should try to learn ALL the other languages that he or she might encounter in a lifetime, it is well within the realm of reason to expect each person to become familiar with at least one other language, and its accompanying culture. To do so shows humility and a good-faith effort to be part of the global community.

  • It should be an option not a requirement

    Not everyone is great with other languages so by making a secondary language a requirement to graduate a student could be held back from pursuing what they are good at. Given that most people can go their whole lives without needing to know another languages goes to show that that time could be better used for figuring out what each student wants to do with his or her life.

  • No, they should not.

    It would not feel right or seem right to force people to learn other languages if they do not want to. However I do think we should open more options for people who do want to learn, and come up with a wider variety of languages we can learn in high school.

  • No, it should not be our focus.

    To be honest, learning another language is pretty much useless for most people. Most people forget it soon after they take the class. If one wants to learn another language they should have the option of doing so. However, we should be focused more on science and engineering, things that actually are beneficial to civilization.

  • Not ALL students should not be required to learn other languages.

    While it is important that student receive a well rounded education it must also be recognized that some members of the school community are better served by allowing them to concentrate on their chosen careen fields, such as the building trades or auto mechanics, rather be forced to take classes that offer them no advantages and cannot provide any motivational factors.

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