• Education is important!! I know because im 12

    Yeah snow days are fun but their are kids failing (not me) because their stupid so we need to make up these days i mean what if we missed a test or something and we have to take time out of another thing we were going to do to finish the other thing

  • Schools should extend the school day

    Instead of using part of your summer to be in school just extend the school day! Even if its only 30 minutes it still helps your education! What would you rather do use summer vacation spring break and febuary vacation to make it up? I sure wouldnt! What do u think?

  • Schools should extend the school day

    I think schools should extend the school days! Instead of waisting ur spring break and febuary vacation and summer vacation in school! Just extend the school day. Even if its only 30 minutes it would still help your education more then spending your summer in school! So what do you think?

  • I dont believe that we should have to make up snow days because

    By making up snow days, the schools take time out of students and teachers summer vacations which means kid won`t return because they wont their full summer vacations. I`m a 16 year old and in school,it sucks to take time before summer school to make up snow days or anything before break

  • What 13 year old asked this question?

    When I went to school, say, five years ago, we always made up school days. I happen to feel that a child's education is important; seriously, does this even need to be a question? Have we lost our morals, or are we, as humans, becoming more lazy? That's what I am interested in finding out.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yes, students should have to make up snow days.

    Yes, students should have to make up snow days. every school day is important to the learning and development of children. Students often get two months or more off during the summer. There is plenty of time to make up the education missed during Days that must be canceled due to the weather.

  • Students should make up snow days.

    Students must attend school for a certain amount of days each school year and if they do not reach that specific number of days then they have not learned their curriculum. Even if the reason school was missed was unchangeable it is still missed school days that need to be made up. The fact that schools are making students make up missed days means that the school wants the students to succeed in the next grade level.

  • No, you shouldn't make your child go to school

    Because, we cant control the weather,and I'm sure they wouldn't like it if we took their summer away so why should they take ours away!!!!!!!! So if you say yes then you should really say NO because , I bet they didn't even think that we couldn't control the weather.

  • Yes,students should make up snow days.

    On days here heavy snow or ice is falling,students should be able to decide whether they go to school or not, based on the conditions of their driveway, or if they lived outside a main city and had a long drive ahead of them. I would agree that students should make to snow days as everyone who goes to a certain school may not live in the same area, thus the weather conditions may be slightly different from where another student or teacher may live.

  • Yes, Students should make up snow days.

    On days with heavy snow or ice, Students should make up snow days because lots of children will miss their education of learning. If they donโ€™t makeup snow days their school year will extend and shorten their summer break. Parents might have made plans over the summer break to take a trip and if their school year extends their plans will be ruined. This is why I chose yes, Students should make up snow days.

  • Students should be able to work from home on "snow days"

    A day home from school because of severe weather can be spent in a constructive manner. Most schools issue laptops or Ipads to their students. These tools can be used to complete tasks from home. This will eliminate the need for the day to be made up later in the classroom

  • No make up days for snow days

    The normal academic year for a school student is made up with buffer days included. It is not likely that a school year has the exact number of days to cover all the material needed. If this were the case, students should not be watching movies in class, having party days etc.

  • School District Policy

    From my school district,if we have any bad weather make up days.We have to make up those days later on, and I personally somewhat agree or disagree,but mostly disagree.Kids are kids,let them have a break (other than weekends,.Don't give them humongous stress to get a taste of the world life.

  • No, students should not have to make up snow days.

    I do not believe that students should have to make up snow days. Often, these make-up days are just tacked on to the end of the year and do not result in any significant learning. In my experience, teachers just show movies or let students play games because finals have already been administered.

  • We should not have to make up snow days at the end of the year.

    First off, We usually do not even learn on that snow day so why do we have to make up a day of school for just a snow day? Also us kids learn 179 days every year, We d not need to learn on any more days! We already have to much days of learning.

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  • Why dose the weather control us we should not have to make up snow days

    We should not have to suffer for the weather we can not control the weather and it gets way to hot in the summer plus kids would rather have fun than do nothing on the last week or so of make up days kids get up early just to color or read and sweat because u have to make up the 180 days of school that's not right there should be no school I would know what its like to die to go out side for a kid because I was one i'm sure u know how it fells or felt I mean we can not let the weather control uuuuuuuuussssssssssssssss we must fight for our right and not let the weather control us!!!! All we need is the tablet and there is online school soooooooooooooo

  • Homework + gritters

    If children have lots more school days they will have no time to do their homework so they would have to cancel homework .They should take a week of the summer holidays made instead of taking it of the children rest days (the weekend). Plus the schools could get some gritters to grit the road.

  • There are many other ways to have school online.

    Skype for Business is a way to have an entire class over video from home. And it's not really not our fault that it just happened to be bad conditions. It is also more of a hazard to children to have school in dangerous conditions. Schools should not have to make up days!

  • Snow days should be fun

    Snow days are supposed to be a day off for safety reasons, sure but they are also a really fun experience for kids having some extra days off. Having to make them up makes kids dread snow days. This also ruins kids spring break which is really a downer to everyone, even teachers, who do enjoy days off as well; who doesn't?

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