Should students have to take mandatory drug tests for extracurricular activities?

  • 100% support for the tests.

    Drugs are bad, no excuse for it. No one in being accused of anything and it is a way to lower drug usage in schools. The schools are just trying to find those that are using the harmful substances and a way to find it is through the mandatory testings. Sports are a privilege, and those participating should comply with the conditions.

  • It's a safe way

    If this were to happen, it could cause a lot of angry students; but, yes, I do feel they should be required to take drugs for even extracurricular activities. Not just sports, too. Some activities, such as Student Ambassador groups, could more or less represent the school, and you do not want someone on drugs to be a part of that representation.

  • Their recreational drug use is irrelevant

    If somebody's drug use gets in the way of the job they are hired to perform, or a student's ability to perform in an extracurricular activity, it will be obvious. If it is not obvious, then it is not a problem and it is none of the school's business. People's personal lives are separate from work or school.

  • No, they should not.

    I do not think students should have to take a drug test in ordinary to do extracurricular activities. I feel like that is accusing them of doing something wrong before they ever even do it. Yes the students should stay away from that stuff, but we do not need to accuse them of it.

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