• ACT should be required

    The ACT is required in all college admission forms, except for 800. There are more than 4000 colleges in the United States. The ACT does cause stress but, it helps prepare you for college(which is full of stress). It would also help students realize that they can go to college.

  • Standardized tests are bullsh*t.

    A student's academic background not only gives a greater indicator of the student's academic abilities, but also a more accurate prediction of the student's "readiness" for college (what is "ready" really depends on your perception). Nonetheless, taking standardized tests for the sake of college acceptance would be like running to the grocery store to buy milk when you already have 5 cartons of milk in your refrigerator. Yet in the end, it's a shame that college admission officers want things done fast; if only they cared to look past the standardized test scores, they would realize that there's much more than meets the eye with their applicants.

  • No student should be forced to take a standardized test, let alone the ACT.

    Nowadays, students take the ACT because they have to - they do so for the sake of college admissions. However, the ACT (and any standardized test in general) merely views students as test-takers - it does not consider the racial, social, or financial background of the test-taker, hence making the ACT biased to an extent.

    Moreover, why should a student wanting to pursue a degree in Music have to take the ACT? Why should a student wanting to pursue a Fine Arts degree have to know how to simplify complex expressions involving the imaginary number "i"?

  • No, I don't believe the ACT should be a requirement.

    Some people just don't test well be it due to nervousness or a learning disability. The ACT while a nice learning tool doesn't realistically exhibit the true academic potential of a student. The ACT can be coupled with other testing avenues, but I don't think the ACT should be the end all say all when it comes to college admittance.

  • ACT is Obsolete

    Many education professionals think that students who want to enter college should take the ACT. The ACT, however, is designed to offer a standardized test of student achievement throughout the United States. It is unfairly biased toward American students and toward students in the math and science professions. Additionally, the test requirement can unfairly penalize students with severe test anxiety.

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