• Cost Efective and good material.

    Using uniforms is cost effective, meaning that most of the students that ae in the school are able to buy them. By this, students and families qill be able to save money. Also, the materials uniforms are mae of is really good, so they will last many years without gettibg damaged.

  • It is necessary to wear uniform

    I thought that its better to wear uniform because it makes creativity and personality of the students as well as institution .It will make more disciplined .If you are not wearing uniform then it will be major problem for girls students .Now a days girls are more model so it will create more indiginious effect like rape

  • Uniforms stop some issues

    Yes, I think that students should have to wear uniforms. In school a large part of bullying stems from the physical appearance of the student. For those that can not afford name brand clothes, the uniform gives them an even start. Uniforms shift some of the attention off the physical appearance and onto school in general. School is sometime as fashions show and uniforms fixes these problems.

  • Yes, they should.

    Students should have to wear a uniform. This is because all children should be taught how to obtain and keep at least a minimum wage job. America is officially a welfare state. Teaching children how to wear a uniform is part of maintaining a minimum wage job. We should be giving kids a hand up and not a hand out.

  • Students Should Wear Uniforms

    Yes, students should have to wear uniforms. Uniforms offer many benefits. For example, they prevent the easy identification of gang members through gang colors, as all students are forced to wear the same colors. In addition, they prevent unnecessary classroom distractions by not allowing students to wear distracting clothing at all.

  • Students should have to wear a uniform.

    Students should be required to wear uniforms at school. It is important for kids to learn discipline so that they will be prepared for a professional life of employment. Students need to learn that conforming to the requirements of a group is more important in the real world than expressing your individuality.

  • It would be a good idea in some schools

    I think it would be a good idea in some schools where bullying is common. Some students are bullied for the way they dress, and I think that having uniforms everyone would be an "equal". Sure, some might wear jewelry or fancy shoes, but the bullying due to dressing different would be lowered.

  • Student should not have to wear uniforms

    I believe that student should not be required to wear uniforms because everyone is unique and everyone has there own style. Most students also like to be comfortable during the day and having to wear a skirt or pants all day would be so uncomfortable for the girls and the boys having to wear pants in the very hot weathertoo. I believe that they should not have to wear uniforms

  • No. I do not believe that students should have to wear a uniform.

    No. I do not believe that students should have to wear a uniform, because i see no reason for it. It is only an idea to control people. Fashion is a form of freedom, people should be a wear whatever they please in the land of the free. No. Students should not have to wear uniforms.

  • No they should not.

    Students should not have to wear a uniform it is not as helpful as they make it out to be. People think a uniform means a student will no longer be made fun of for their clothes, or how well off they are. However, this creates more hassle for parents and more ways for the student to get in trouble if they are not dressed perfectly to the dress code.

  • No school uniforms

    I think that school uniforms shouldn't be allowed because they don't let students express them selves. Students should be able to show how the feel and some teacher don't know that making students wear uniforms may affect their religious views and beliefs. They also don't know that it is expensive.

  • Lack of Positive Influence

    There have been very few studies on whether or not uniforms are helpful to students productivity and discipline. There was one in the 1900's, where they took a poor school where the children where very careless and rough and made them wear uniforms. That study showed that they became better with authority and responsibility. However, the uniforms did nothing to increase the grades. Just as well, in modern day middle class schools, uniforms also do not improve grades.

    While there would be a lack of "inappropriate" dress within the school body, some studies have shown that with uniforms teachers are MORE picky about the way their students dress. So there is little change in dress code violation.

    So, really, uniforms do nothing but make school more dull and take away a kid's outward expression of personality. It sounds as if it has more down sides than benefits. . .

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