Should students have to wear school uniforms?

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  • School uniforms are great

    School is not a place to show off what u have , what u wear, ur style ect... School is to concentrate on education and preparing for the real world, u wanna wear what ever do it after , not in school where u are supposed concentrate on ur future,

  • Concendrating at study

    Makes Schools Safer

    Supporters of uniforms claim they can increase school safety. Uniforms allow staff to quickly identify people who do not belong on campus and limit the ways that gangs can identify themselves. In 1994, Long Beach United School District in California began requiring uniforms with the hopes of improving safety. Just five years later, the overall crime rate in the district was down 91 percent. Specifically, sex offenses dropped 96 percent and number of incidents of vandalism had decreased 69 percent.

    Creates a Positive Environment

    When all students are dressed alike, economic and social barriers between students are reduced. There is no peer pressure to wear expensive clothes or bullying of those who can't afford designer labels. Children have one less distraction, as they do not have to concern themselves with what others are wearing. Common dress can also make students feel like they belong to the school community, increase pride and even improve attendance. A 2012 study by the University of Houston of 160 public, urban schools, found that student attendance increased after schools began mandating uniforms.

    Academic Achievement

    Supporters of school uniforms often cite increased academic achievement as a main reason to adopt such a policy. While there is some anecdotal evidence to support this claim, overall, studies yield inconclusive results. A study by Ryan Yeung analyzed student data collected from 1988 to 2004. His research found that although some test scores were higher for schools that required uniforms, in others, scores were actually lower.

    Limits Rights

    Some opponents claim that uniforms are not a fix-all for the problems that plague schools, but instead, violate a student's right to express themselves, as guaranteed by the First Amendment. They claim that a dress code can provide guidelines and exclusions for certain types of dress, such as clothing with drug references or vulgar language printed on them, while still allowing students to make their own choices and be an individual.


    Even with uniforms, parents would still need to purchase "regular" clothes for when students are not in school, thus creating an additional expense. A 2012 presentation by North Brunswick Township Public Schools in New Jersey reported the average cost for families to purchase uniforms would be about $300 per student each year. Students receiving free or reduced lunch would not be required to purchase uniforms, but instead, this expense would be covered by the school. In this particular district, that means needing over $700,000 in additional funds.

  • Could stop bullying

    It's a fact that around 39% of students get bullied for the clothing they wear. One of the eased way I thing t get rid of that kind of bulling is to make the students to wear a dress code. So make your choice you either have the risk to get bullied for what you wear or not, you chose.

  • There are needed.

    It would help are fathers too save money because using uniforms you never have too change the outfit, without uniforms are fathers need to waste money buying clothe for us to wear the weak,month,year, Semester,and that can help us distinguish who is a student or a "stranger", I really recomend uniforms.

  • The uniform debate

    Yes it respects the school and on trips you will not get lost. Clothes are not needed to show who you are because deep within is your personality and that can only be unveiled by you not clothes or accessories. So wearing uniform is important, no matter how ugly it is

  • School Uniforms Should Be Required

    Students should have to wear school uniforms because they would decrease bullying. Additionally, teachers and administrators would not have to worry as much about dress codes. Students could focus on their education instead of their looks and would not have to even think about what to wear when they got up in the morning.

  • It promotes equality in school which is very important

    Of course,school uniform is necessary because it shows equality in school.Due to uniform all students look equal .No one is discriminated on social fame.School is a place where one gathers to get education its not a place to wear anything .If there will be no uniform then all students will think that i am superior or inferior than others.

  • Maybe in the Next Generation...

    State Schooling takes up to 25% + of tax revenues. That is the most in percentage to go towards a public tenet of our society. Students of elementary and below have statistically shown a better environmental acceptance and flow throughout their years with uniforms. When adolescent years come, finding ones self is a right to be taken and explored outside of the building to which it is meant for enriching their minds with critical information. The reason of having the right to self express and be unique due through clothing is truly ridiculous. Uniforms create uniformity, extracts any probable judgement, expresses the schools name, and is overall professionally solid. Freedom to express ones self is done through acts and interests, not through clothing. In a balanced agreement, if public schooling did enforce uniforms, a day of "freedom of expression" perhaps may be granted to wear ones own clothing.

  • Sense of Equality

    Today's children are tomorrow's future said by a Great leader in India. Children do not know about comparison, we teach by showing them. If the uniforms are not allowed then it becomes more easy for the children to compare themselves with others and get discouraged or egotistic. Also school uniforms is a discipline that we need to follow to maintain a equality among the people there.

  • Social Equality demands it!

    Yes same Uniform, never make my mind to think about if I would be more good than the other one, in any way. Yes it got changed in higher school or University for personal choice and individuality but then it's when we get to know what was a Uniform actually. A critic-proof costume! Or at-least you would be knowing after school that either there must be uniform or not but people should never look down on others. Actually no one has time to look down on anyone, every one is busy in finding out a one, who is more wealthy and showy so as sitting with them will also make them praiseworthy. A fallacy of short-time period! Not worthy to be praised at all.

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  • Grow out=more money

    When you grow out = more money
    when clothes shrink in the wash = more money
    already have to pay for close on the weekend
    when you get stains = more money
    That is why I stand in my opinion to be against school uniforms.My kids
    hate it! I stand against!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • They cause a boring environment and limit a child's imagination.

    The future depends on creativity and 16.5% of america's schools allow school uniforms. Without creativity there wouldn't be planes, telephones, etc without creative minds there would be no technology to create a safe environment. It shuns imagination and makes kids grow up as soon as they start wearing work wear.

  • I think there shouldn't be any school uniforms

    It separates students from their personality. It makes the kids parents have to pay extra bc the uniforms will get messed up during the year. Some boys will intend to look up girls skirts to annoy bc they can't change their uniforms. In the southwest 83% of people from the south west voted no school uniforms.

  • Why The Uniforms? :/

    It is more of the expense to buy everyday clothes AND a uniform. Also, since schools required uniforms the uniform cost has went up (example: 1 pair of school pants costs $25)! Versus my opponent might say that uniforms make schools look more organized. But, in all actuality it makes paying the bills, and providing food harder for some families.

  • Uniforms don't help!

    Some schools believe uniforms make their school look better but students can still attend in wrinkly clothes with stains on them and still be in uniform. Apparently uniforms also stop bullying but pupils in uniforms can still be made fun of no matter what. Dress code makes sense but uniforms don't allow children to have freedom of creativity and clothes show people's personality, their identity, and even their employment. Our clothes tell a lot about ourselves.

  • Men see them as sex costumes

    The most requested costume in a strip bar or club is the sexy school girl. That stems from middle school or high school. When men start getting feelings for women they are surrounded by women in school uniforms so they are brought up that school uniforms make a girl sexy. Men tend to like girls who seem beautiful and innocent. From their high school experience they relate school uniforms to sexy and innocent.

  • Men see them as sex costumes

    The most requested costume in a strip bar or club is the sexy school girl. That stems from middle school or high school. When men start getting feelings for women they are surrounded by women in school uniforms so they are brought up that school uniforms make a girl sexy. Men tend to like girls who seem beautiful and innocent. From their high school experience they relate school uniforms to sexy and innocent.

  • No it should be our choice

    They should let us wear what we want beacuse

    We can express our uniqueness
    We fell more comfortable in our own clothes
    Some people may not be able to afford to buy both uniform and casual clothes
    If and when you are moving schools this requires a new uniform
    Colours of the uniform can effect the attendance and concentration of students because if you are wearing black in the summer this helps the heat to stay to you and also most schools require you to wear a blazer always!
    You re not allowed to wear BLACK jeans even although this is my school uniform colours!!! Also Jackets/coats gloves and hats are not permitted in any schools even if you are very cold!!
    It's a wate of money
    You don't get to wear your own choice of clothes on ANY weekdays, a waste of your own clothes
    If your uniform(s) is in the wash then you woulnt have any clothes to wear to school!

  • The School Uniforms

    I think schools shouldn't have school uniforms because it leads to sexual assault from girls where skirts and other outfits the school provides. School uniforms are also TOO expensive to but from the school and parents might not have enough money to be buying uniforms for their kids to be wearing to school everyday!

  • What about the cost?

    Not only do students have a price to pay, the parents do too. School uniforms don't exactly come free. Americans, all together, spend over $1,000,000,000 yearly on school uniforms. This is because students not only need a uniform for school, they need clothes for out of school, too, because they can't be expected to wear uniforms 24/7.

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