• Because it's uncomfortable to walk around in clothes you don't like wearing

    It's uncomfortable to walk around in clothes that you don't like, but i understand that some students like wearing them but not all of them.Some student when they went to a different school they didn't have to wear them so they really don't really have any. I'm Chance and i approve this message

  • Students have to wear school unifroms.

    Students should not have to worry about what clothes they will wear in school. Uniforms remove social pressure to dress in style or with the latest fashions. Also, students who cannot afford expensive clothes may feel bad or get made fun of because they cannot keep up with their rich classmates.

  • Yes, it creates equality among students.

    Yes, students should have to wear uniforms to school, because that prevents some students from feeling like they are economically disadvantaged compared to others. It also gives students one less thing to think about in the morning. All they have to do is put on the same shirt, and not worry about what they will wear to school.

  • Uniforms are unconstitutional!

    In the first amendment we are given the freedom of speech. A lot of people express themselves through their clothing. That and it is also unconstitutional that some schools have uniforms and others do not. As long as kids dress in un sexual ways it should be ok to where whatever they like.

  • Prevent people express themselves

    "some may say that students can express themselves through art and music programs in the school but the stuff they do is planned by teacher. They don't get to choose what to create or what song they play on an instrument. So basically everything at school is controlled. They won't even let us express us

  • No students should't wear uniforms in school because it forces students to basically be like other children when the want to be themselves.

    . And because students might niot feel looking like the other students they might like choosing what they want to wear it dosen't make some students feel good or tghey mifgt not like it because of this they should also not wear uniforms because they don't like how it looks ,and they shouold be able to wear what they want.

  • Its no fair

    Children should be allowed to wear what they want. But it has to be apporpiate. And many schools do not have uniformsand we do have uniforms its not fair. So we should be allowed to wear the school uniforms either. Schools need to take out the policy of wearing school unforms. Children need their freedom

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