• Yes!

    Girls especially have trouble looking for an outfit each morning. Uniforms would eliminate that hassle. Also, girls wouldnt violate dress code. Boys and girls wouldnt worry about wearing gang associated colors. The price of uniforms would be worth it because it would be cheaper than buying new clothes for school every year and for high school students the uniform would most likely be used throughout all four years.

  • Yes student should have to wear uniforms

    Self expression should not have to be used through clothing but through how you do in school. Uniforms create a unified working area. I think it's good to be able to feel professional while not getting stared at school. If you wear uniforms it's going to take less time in the morning to get ready which I can say from experience is very helpful. Coming from an academy we have to wear a tailored skirt and a white or blue polo with our school logo on it.

  • Yes I Do

    Not only because of the fact that it will decrease bullying but because of the fact that many young adolescences are worried about style and what other people think about them. By wearing the same uniforms everyday people will not worry about what they wear or about what other people wear.

  • Yes, Most Definitely ... Uniform is inexpensive and not time consuming

    I'm a student and uniform is so much easier. When we have dress down days, as terrible as it is sometimes I put little effort into homework so i can find the perfect outfit. If I had to do that everyday it would be really hard. I know for sure i'm not the only teen that does this. Besides that if i had uniform i know i would never save. Even as it is with me wearing uniform i still shop a lot so people don't see me in the same outfit twice...
    Know I sound shallow but its so true

  • I think YES

    I think this because it keeps equality. There are many students who dont have good dresses so other people who have good dresses tease or say something bad about them, even it looks good when every one wear same dress neither different dresses. This is my opinion about "why students should wear uniforms."

  • No more bullying

    Kids can fit in better and not be criticized for something stupid like clothes, and kids wont dress inappropriate nor will they make fun of others for not dressing the same as them and no one will know what you have/ own or where you live. I think we can all agree to this

  • Students should be required to wear uniforms

    Yes, they should be wear school uniforms because they don't have to get picked on for what they are wearing. They don't have spend their time in the morning picking and choose different clothes every day. They can also represent the school by wearing uniforms the are told to wear. Also the dress code can good because they wont wear bad thing, such as little shorts and more. Also the colors they are wearing such as gangs and more

  • They can stop bullying!!

    They could stop the whole popular clothes argument. I know people want there own style but if it comes to bullying we all want it to be stoped!! So if kids are dressing with shorty shorts and short skirts then that can be fixed with everyone wearing the same thing.. So plz everyone just agree with me.

  • Yes we should

    Because you would no longer have to worry about what to wear and how to look. People always laugh at my friend and say she looks ugly and I don't like that. If you're wearing the same thing as everyone else including the bully they will look at you with the same outfit and no longer pick on you.

  • Yes, saves time.

    I think that we should have to wear uniforms to school because it saves ALOT of time!! I do not want to have to sit and look in my closet to try and figure out what to wear. Uniforms make everything simple and easy! Who cares about self expression??! Isn't that why we have art class??!

  • I believe no

    Kids should not wear uniforms in school because if you're in gym, you could get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Especially if your parents work, they will probably be to tired to wash uniforms after work every single day so I think it is wrong for kids to have to wear school uniforms. Say no to uniforms! Thank you for letting me put my opinion. I am in fifth grade. I am 10 years old. Thank you again. :)

  • I believe out with uniforms.

    Uniforms take away a student's freedom. Uniforms can sometime be expensive. Making a student wear a uniform does not let him show his individuality. Uniforms take away from a student's personality. A uniforms show or teaches students that everyone should be equal, when in reality everyone's different. Not having to wear a uniform shows how different or unique a student is. So therefore students should not have to wear a uniform.

  • I do not think students have to wear uniforms.

    Uniforms can be very expensive and if you are required to wear one and you don't, you can get detention. At a detention by law you need a teacher to stay at school for an extra hour. This takes away time from the teacher getting family time or teacher marking important test or projects. Clothing is a type of art and I don't think you should take it away.

  • Students Shouldn't Have To Wear Uniforms

    It take away their voice in what they can wear takes away the freedom of having a different outfit every day.

    •Since school dress code affects children from expressing themselves, therefore they indulge into less desirable forms of expression like piercing and tattooing which badly affects the school environment. Students feel that they have been turned into robots without the ability to express themselves in a society which promotes individuality and self-expression.
    •Enforcing rules about school dress code is a bit difficult task
    •Schools should be a place where diversity should be celebrated
    •School dress code may affect the comfort level of child attending school
    •Child’s individuality gets affected with school dress code system
    •A child in uniform may become a soft target for bullying by students of another school
    •Cost of school uniform may affect the budget of certain families. It acts as an added expenditure since you can’t wear your regular clothes to school
    •Families fear that school dress may interfere with religious clothing like yarmulkes
    •There will be no compulsion for following dress code. People will have personal takes on dressing. If dress code does not adhere, it could lead to lifestyle issue
    •School uniforms can get boring and mundane. Wearing same clothes, same colors everyday can turn out to be a boring affair for anyone. Lack of colors and apparels can prove very depressing
    •School dress code can have derogatory interpretations. Remember sexy school girl concept. Uniform can bear such negative impacts on adolescents thus causing more corruption in their minds

    •Student attendance improves
    •Uniforms can be reused and recycled
    •School dress code promotes more studious environment
    •School costs less comparatively
    •Kids freely concentrates on lessons/chapters
    •School dress code promotes reduction in violence in schools
    •Students take less time in getting ready for school in morning
    •Students experiences less burden in deciding what to wear for school every morning
    •Social conflict also gets reduced as students are no more judged by police
    •School dress code reduces distractions for students
    •School dress code helps in recognizing those who do not belong to campus
    •With school dress code, students develop team spirit in an easy way. Wearing specific colors promotes sense of unity among students.
    •School uniforms helps in avoiding development of inferiority and superiority complex among students. Also school dress code avoids silly psychological issues. Students will not be known by what they wear, but by how they perform in school

  • No I do not think students should have to wear uniforms.

    I don't think students should have to wear uniforms because as a student, I know that clothes help me feel good and be comfortable at school. I think clothes actually do help students learn because if I was forced to wear a uniform, I would not feel comfortable in class. I also think students should have the capability of expressing themselves through style.

  • Students shouldn't be required to wear school uniforms.

    As long as the students aren't hurting anyone they should be allowed to wear at their own risk. Also if students are forced to wear school uniforms then the students wouldn't be able to express themselves and their own uniqueness and individuality. Why should students who were appropriate clothes be punished for students who wear their pants so that their underwear is showing?

  • I believe no, students should not have to wear uniforms.

    Being in a country where we have to dress a uniform, I think that takes away the individuality of a person. Although it supposedly unites students, in some ways, it makes you the same as everyone. Clothing is a way of expressing yourself. Of course there should be limits. However, overall, I think we should have the choice of expressing ourselves through our clothes in school since we spend half of our day in it.

  • No uniforms for school

    I think that students shouldn't wear uniforms to school because it gives them the ability to basically wear whatever they want. Another reason is that students can be more comfortable in what they wear and have more space. So I think that students shouldn't wear uniforms for that reason and for many others.

  • School uniforms put unfair financial burden on families.

    Some parents can't afford them. Even if the school provided uniforms, there would be a lot of kids who would complain about them because they are itchy or uncomfortable. Also, they are not that cute. The girls who don't like to wear skirts would not be happy. Some kids would ask if they could move to a different school, and if the parents said yes there would be less money for the school.

  • Children need to express themselves.

    Children need to express themselves and with uniforms they cannot. By having uniforms, you are taking the 'liberty' and freedom away from kids to have the right to wear whatever they want . With students having this privilege taken away, it becomes hard for kids to feel like themselves in general.

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Anonymous says2013-03-07T00:07:12.730
i agree with no. students should be able to express themself! expespecialy because clothing is a form of art and students should embrace that. as a student, i would definately ask my perents to change my school if i had to wear a uniform. they are probably ichy and uncomfortable. in a uniform everyone would look the same so you cant be or look eunique!