• Yes, Tutors help students with studies.

    It is not compulsory to have private tutor, But if a students need helps with studies or he is not able to understand concepts at school then a student must hire a tutor for himself. Home tutors really helps students in solving their academic problems as well helps them to excel in exams.

  • Tutors can be very helpful with kids struggling in school.

    One on one tutoring can be very helpful. Tutors can help parents too. If your parents are working late then tutors can help. Tutors can help parents too. If your parents are not available to review a subject with you tutors can review it with you. Tutors can help working parents. Your friends might not be respectful and talk all the time without consentrating on work. This can make it hard to learn.

  • Students need tutoring.

    Students should have tutors if they feel they need them. Students arent always gifted in every subject and need a little extra help in school. Tutoring can help many students succeed and graduate. I personally am not good with math and without tutoring I most likely would have failed my classes.

  • Yes, students who need them should have tutors.

    Not all students need tutoring, but some may need it. One-on-one tutoring time can really help students who are having trouble. In public schools, kids are not allowed to go at their own pace, and it can be easy for kids to fall behind in certain subjects, like math, that build on themselves. Offering an opportunity for extra help on a subject would help kids who are struggling.

  • It is unfair to kids who are doing well in school

    It is your choice to have a tutor, some kids have a lot of homework and need to focus on that and also, if you do outside of school activities for example, swimming, you train 9 times a week in the morning and afternoon and just have enough time to finish homework. But to have a tutor? More stress. But this is only if you doing well at school and understand everything

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