• Kids need phones

    Kids are at a certain age in their life when they need phones between the ages of 12-15 is when you should get your first phone it is something that can help in the future so you are lost out in the city or in a mall or some building or land where your parents cannot keep track of you, what do they do usually if they do not have a phone they will scream your name and run all over the place looking for you but if you have a phone they can just contact you on there and you can work together to find each other that's why I think the phone is a basic necessity of life

  • Kids Need A Cellphone

    Kids usually need cellphones at that age because if kids don't have a cellphone and something happens like they get kidnapped guess who the parents are going to blame and probably sue... The school! And if they are distracted by it then obviously the teacher or if they have security at their school cannot handle kids well and if kids cannot get enough sleep then parents could have a solution of taking their phone when they do go to sleep. Plus phone companies still sell flip phones

  • Students should have cellphones

    I think students should have cellphones because they can play educational games. They can also keep in touch with there parents and the school would save money with kids bringing in there own cellphones. Finally students (in case of a emergency) can call 911 and save themselves and or or the school

  • We need phones!

    In school, some parents forget to pick us up on short days and we have to wait forever for the office ladies to call our parents. Also, some parents can't come to open house and see our projects, so we should be able to take pictures. We might need them for an emergency or to call if we're going home with someone and making last minute plans. There are many reasons we should be able to use our phones in school.

  • I think that kids in late elementary school should have phones.

    I think that kids in elementary school should have phones because you can use it as a good learning tool. If you do not have access to a computer at school then you can just look on your phone to do the thing you wanted to do on your phone.

  • Kids should have their phones on campus

    Students should have their phones because what happens if your child has an emergency and you dont know nothing so thats why and if your child gets in trouble they can call you and that something happened kids should have their phone on campus thats my opinion that kids should have their phones on campus

  • Kids Need Cellphones

    Kids should have cell phones. The first reason why is in case of an emergency they could call someone. The second reason is they could contact friends. My last reason is because kids need to contact their parents at school. That is why kids should have cellphones. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±. So hip hip horsy for cellphones!!!!!

  • Phons in school

    I think that they should be in schools because we can use them for studing or incase of emergyces but 1 con is they can breack esy or people would use them for stufe like facebook but they can also use it as a good think h h h h

  • Kids should have phones.

    However, the minimum age to have a phone should be 10 because that is when kids earn their responsibility. At age 10, kids start going places alone with their friends so they need a way to contact their parents to pick them up. They can also stay in touch with their friends more.

  • Because of emergency

    Because of emergency so we can contact or mom or dad or police for lots of resons hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi h i h i h h h h h h from sean travers hi hi hi

  • There to distracting!

    I find technology very distracting because the students could have multiple social media accounts and could be using it and writing mean stuff to people. Also the student or people in the class could be using the technology when the teacher is giving people directions and then the kids would not know anything.

  • Never play on it

    Student should never play on phones in elementary school this never give achance to go outside to play with friends they just intrab leraning the screen is the a distarction they never went to be a part from the phone they don't sleep or go home from the phone bye

  • Your to young

    You could look up anything and it could be bad so you shouldn't have a phone in elementary school. Plus you shouldn't have a phone at home in elementary school because you could look up bad things. So you really shouldn't have a phone until you're in 7 grade. DON'T GIVE YOU ELEMENTARY KIDS PHONES!

  • Kids don't need phones

    There are few scenarios in which I would support a child of elementary age having a cell phone. If parents are divorced or living apart, and there is no land line in the home, then it would make sense. Elementary children need lots of developmentally appropriate physical activity and mental engagement. Today's children already utilize a plethora of technological devices, sometimes to the detriment of their physical and social development. Get the kids outdoors to play and explore. The cell phones can wait!

  • Cell phones are screen time distractions.

    Screens are screens it's social media and gaming. Also to be cool feel grown up. Elementary students do not usually go places by themselves unsupervised so why would they need a phone. They are not allowed to use cell phones in most schools. They have laptops for research so it's just a way to communicate with friends. Maybe when your old enough to go places with friends without parents involved then a cell phone would be useful.

  • Not getting enough sleep

    Some kids keep their phones in there room telling their parents they're going to bed but they really stay up all night playing on their phones. This proves that students could be lacking sleep that is needing to concentrate on school work. Most kids without phones get more sleep,play with friends more and are probably living a healthier life.

  • It just stupid

    I have no Idea because it distracts them from there next period and just makes them not study a little and they wont want to listen to what they've been given and not have much education in them and not know what to do anymore and they will be so into there electronics and they wont be looking around and not know what's there and they'll stay there until there board

  • I say NO!

    I think kids shouldn't have phones because they get addicted! Also, kids sometimes regret stuff they put on the internet, but then it goes viral! There is sometimes cyber bullying on kids' phones, that's why some kids get depression! Not good, right? So those are my reasons why kids shouldn't have phones!

  • Kids should not have cell phones.They compare it too much

    At school my son who does not have a cell phone keeps hearing other kids talking about cell phones and who has the better one. People went all crazy about people having an old and bad cell phone when the I phone 7 was released. Kids are comparing it too much

  • Students at that age are no responsible enough.

    Students most likely would not be doing school works on their phones. They would be playing games, texting ect. Kids would always have the urge to use it when they are supposed to be learning, and that could distract them from what they should be foucued on. Also, most students don't even have phones, so it's not fare to the children who don't have phones.

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