• Uniforms are needed

    High school student express there self's too much when it comes to uniforms which is why there should be a law that high school students should wear uniforms as well as 7 and 8th graders. Its only fair and will set strait rules for this situation. Which is why I believe students in 7 and up grades should wear uniforms.

  • Uniforms Are Best

    I think it would be far better for high school students to wear uniforms for their classes. I believe students can express the individuality after school and on the weekends. I think implementing uniforms can help to create a more neutral environment that is better for learning. I do not think the cost to do this is out of control.

  • Uniforms bring a sense of togetherness.

    I think that students should wear uniforms while they are in school. The homogenization of their style will make them less prone to fighting over stupid things. They will also spend less time and money trying to get the best outfits or picking out great clothing. School is about education, yo.

  • Yes, students in high school should wear uniforms.

    Uniforms are essential to keep kids from picking on people for being different. Once people become an adult they can go places to avoid people that would make fun of them. As a child you have to go to school regardless of how you are treated there. School uniforms make this easier for children that are a little different.

  • Yes, i believe that high school students should wear uniforms.

    i believe that high school students should wear uniforms, because it would prevent a lot of students from wearing inappropriate attire. Economically it could save a lot of low income parents the financial hassle of buying their child new school clothes throughout the year, which would greatly benefit the community in many ways.

  • Uniforms are just to much

    I have been in both schools one where uniforms where needed and one where they were not. My mood changed drastically once I was in the uniform school. Being in a uniform school was really depressing I spent a lot more money on uniform then I do now (i'm in a non uniform school) and I didn't get to express what I feel by the way I dress. Unlike now I am very happy wearing what I find comfortable for cheap and now people can see who I really am.

  • It is useless and ugly

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  • Uniforms are ugly

    I believe that students shouldn't have to wear uniform everyday. There are many reasons why they shouldn't, one reason is because some people like being different then others rather than being alike. For instance I don't like wearing the same color everyday and I like to have different styles everyday instead of the same. It also helps meh express myself.

  • It is does not make us happy

    We hate it and it takes away our freedom. We want to express our selves but with uniforms we only get to wear the same thing. Some people like to stand out and thats good because it teaches us about individuality. High school should teach us to be independent not clothes.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I don't think that high school students should be required to wear uniforms, unless they are at a private school. I think that student's take pride in finding their own style. I think that this allows for them to grow their creativity, which can help them in other areas of life.

  • High school is designed for more freedom

    Not only do I think students in high school should not be required to wear uniforms, but public schools in general, as well. As far as high school goes, it is designed to give students a bit more freedom to prepare them for college, so why take that away by requiring uniforms?

  • Students in high school should not wear uniforms.

    Students in high school should not wear uniforms. They should be allowed to wear whatever they want to in school. The uniforms are not necessary and they intrude on the persons ability to make their own judgments. The uniforms are also very hard for the parents to keep clean on a daily week.

  • Uniforms Not Needed

    High School students should not have to wear uniforms. By the time you are in high school you are old enough to be preparing for the real world which doesn't simply give you one thing to wear. You should be able to make decisions on what to wear for yourself.

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