Should students in middle and/or high school have to stay until 4 or 5 in the afternoon?

  • More hours equals more productivity

    I am a sixth grade middle school student and i belive that we should have longer hours in school. That being said if we are in school longer then the individual classes will be longer so that means the students who are struggling in class can get more help. Also that means teachers can cover more material each day improving productivity.

  • School should not end that late.

    If they are going to make school end later, they need to start it later. If they are just adding more hour to the school day, it’s useless. Kids won’t learn as much when they are tired. And kids have a family and social life out of school. Also, it starts to get dark around that time around winter. What if somebody needs to walk home? It’s not safe.

  • Absolutely not, unless they want to start schools later.

    More time does not equal better students. If a student does not want to learn or sleeps in class or distracts their class, more hours of school will not help them. For students who are struggling and would want the extra help, they can already get that. It's called tutoring and it usually starts after school and goes until 5 or 6. There is no reason to force more time in school on these kids. They're still young. Give them time to hang out with friends, have a hobby, or get a job. Give them more time at home with their family and friends, because all too soon they'll be off to college and on their own. This is their time to experience the little bits of life that you only get as a teenager. Don't take that away from them.

  • This is ridiculous.

    It ticks me off how the government assumes that chances of success will increase by having more hours and/or number of days per school year. Why don't they review many types of school systems for private schools such as Waldorf and Montessori. Waldorf is known by studies to help all students succeed. I don't know what trick Finland uses but I know that most of their students succeed and go to college even though students get a 75 minutes recess, even if it's winter plus a 15 minute break after each lesson, having not much homework and having 195 school days per year. Those students are known to be on top of the world on education. Think not in terms of the amount of exposure to education the students need but rather the way of exposure to education the students need. In the long run, those who might have tried the amount of exposure to education for the students will most likely be proven wrong.

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