Should students in single-sex dorms be notified if their potential roommate is gay?

  • Yes for sake of morality and safety

    By staying in a one gender dorm you are assuming that nobody will have a crush on you. You are assuming you are safe. You are assuming that you will not be sexually approached or worse harassed. That is why we have single gender dorms in the first place but having gays live with others is not better than putting a boy and a girl in the same room. What's the differencereally? We should not only be notified but have the right for sake of morality and safety to request a different roommate. I honestly would not feel safe mwith a lesbian watching me sleep.

  • Students Should Be Notified- Gay Roommates

    If a student signs up for a dorm room, he or she should be notified if the roommate is gay. Because current dorm policies do not usually allow for mixed gender rooms, it is not fair for those who are homosexual. A person who is homosexual is allowed to room with someone they love, but a heterosexual man cannot room with a woman. All roommates should be notified to decrease any awkwardness or hatred.

  • It would be curteous to tell your potential roommate any relevant information

    I don't believe this notification should be required by law but I think it would be appropriate to tell a potential roommate of any key issues. When you will be living in close quarters with someone for a while, I think it is just common courtesy to discuss big items openly so that there are no surprises.

  • Yes because the rooms are too small for that elephant too

    Just dropped off my son to college and his roommate is gay. It was pretty crowded and crazy with 350 students and their entourages of parents, grandparents,forced sibling workers and all the school personnel so I just dropped and dashed since he isn't a freshman. I'm not sure how my son will handle it. He's pretty open minded and easy going. In his Catholic HS one of his closest friends was a girl who came out to him for the first time because she felt safe and comfortable with their friendship. DNA aside, my son is a nice guy. I'm a little uncomfortable with it because I think it puts him in an awkward situation that could become quite an issue. There is no way we would have walked into the dorm and find a beautiful 19 yr old girl sitting on the opposite loft bed (and my son would not have minded at all). Why? They don't allow that. Why? It's too distracting for students to deal with. Why? Well there would be tension whether or not they do anything about it. It would be a distraction on some level. And like Harry said in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" 'The sex always gets in the way.' This is why they don't allow mixed gender rooms. Not that all boys would be attracted to all girls and vice versa. Yet they choose to error on side of caution. So how is it okay to put a gay student in the same room with their gender? If they want the same treatment they they should have to room with girls since sexuality is the basis for making same gender dorm rules. It will be interesting to see how this life lesson plays out.

  • Only if you want to share that information

    And it should be OK for people to express a preference for sexual orientation of their roommate. A lot of colleges don't allow that. Mine didn't. Personally I would've specified I wanted a gay or bisexual roommate and would've further specified that he be single if that were possible.

    Roommates should be given wide freedom to select each other. Colleges should have online profile pages for potential roommates to post details about themselves and then let them shop around to see who they want to room withl

  • And so should the potential roommate.

    Both sides should be able to have say what kind of person they will be sleeping next to for the school year. Though they both may be fine with someone who has a different sexual preference one, the other, or both could have real issues with being forced into such a situation. I know that if I knew someone sleeping in the same room was gay, I would be very uncomfortable around them and it would certainly interfere with my studies.
    Even though the person may not be interested in you, this is in no way guaranteed and they could still develop a crush on you. Again, this would make for an uncomfortable situation for both. I once worked at a local antique store moving some of the larger objects and helping them organize their inventory. One day, on a lunch break in the office, the owner told me that not only were they gay but were interested in me. I was young at the time and thought that just by saying no that it could end the problem and things could continue. Before the lunch break was even over, the owner mention how I should sit differently because it was a distraction to him for me to sit as a guy normally would. I politely told him that I could not work for him under the present situation and quit. Unfortunately for a college student, this would not be an option unless they wish to throw away their chances at a college education or can afford off campus housing. Some colleges don't even allow off-campus housing by freshmen.
    The other option of having each have their own room is a good idea either. If they each had their own room, it would take up more space leaving less room for other students. Also, having a roommate can help with studies if you take any of the same classes and you would also have someone to help you study even if they were not. Single person rooms would also increase the cost of housing making college even more difficult to afford making student loans higher and also cause grant and scholarship funds to dry up faster meaning fewer people will receive them.

  • Sexual orientation shouldn't matter.

    It's none of people's business if one is gay or lesbian. Besides one can be vicimized or treated differently if one's sexual orientation is known by others. As long as one conforms to the dorm rules, one's sexual oritation shouldn't matter. Gay men or lesbians are no different than others.

  • No' that's ridiculous

    Not all gay people will go after every guy/girl they meet. If your roommate hits on you and you don't like it tell them how you feel a respectful person would back off. Gay people shouldn't be treated like they are different just because of their sexuality. If gay people have to tell their sexuality then everyone should no matter what

  • With proper rules and regulations in place, such a notification should not be necessary.

    I am not certain if students are notified as to the religion, ethnicity or socioeconomic status of potential roommates; but, it does seem unlikely. Why should the sexual orientation of a potential roommate be any more important. True, some students may feel uncomfortable around other people of differing lifestyles but that is also true in all the aspects of an individuals makeup.

    Singling out gay students as the subject of some special notification is a counter-productive and reckless action for any institution of higher learning. All dorms have some code of conduct and certain regulations so that all the students can best interact. Rules, warnings and notifications should apply to the interests of all rather than stigmatizing or spotlighting a particular group.

  • Up To The Student

    I do not believe students in single-sex dorms should be notified if their potential roommate it gay. I believe all students should have their own lockable rooms and then have open community style kitchens and living rooms. This makes the whole problem a non-issue in my book. Students should reveal their identities to each other in their own time.

  • No one else's business.

    No. Sexual orientation shouldn't matter. If a gay person wants to live in a dorm room, then he or she should be allowed to. It's no one's else business that one is gay or not. As long as a gay person doesn't do anything that creates any problem for others, he or she should be to live in a single sex dorm. Everyone should have same oppurtunity.

  • Straights should be equal to gays.

    Are students in both sex dorms be notified if their potential rommmate is straight? No. Gays should have the same rights as straights. If gay people wish to have that information known then that is fine, but it should not be made compulsory and straights should be allowed to say if they are straight as well. Why should you care anyway what sexuality your room mate is? If a gay person is showing signs that they like you, you should take it as a compliment but then explain to them about your feelings.

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