Should students in the lower grades be taught poetry?

  • To a degree

    People don't truly comprehend the extent of the benefit and advantage reading to younger children has on their later development - something that produces huge benefits. Rather than spending so much time and money on teaching digital anything that will be learned throughout life, young life is the time for learning the basics.

  • Students in the lower grades should be taught poetry.

    Students in the lower grades should be taught poetry. Poetry is necessary for some people to express their feelings and emotions. If young children do not get taught how to do this and what it is like, then they some times miss out on the valuable experience of expressing their feelings.

  • Poetry should be taught ASAP.

    I believe that poetry should have a place in the classroom as soon as students are at a place where they can understand it. It teaches creativity and writing technique and is a great way to capture the attention of a certain demographic of children. I am firmly supportive of poetry.

  • Yes they should.

    Students of any grade should be taught poetry. Poetry helps with creativity and is good for those of any age. Even babies are taught poetry through nursery rhymes. It is good for everyone and can really help students enjoy reading. I think all grades should be taught poetry because there is no reason not to.

  • Students in the lower grades should not be taught poetry.

    The purpose of public education is to make sure that people can find productive jobs after they graduate. Although poetry is entertaining, almost no one can get a job as a poet. It's important to educate the youth with things they will actually need in real life, not frivilous poetry.

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