• Learn from the past so we don't repeat it

    Hind sight is always twenty twenty. However, there are distinct markers on the direction a country is taking that can be learned from the heritage of a country. Many of these simpler facts and ideas that created a country and bound it together in its origin can be analyzed and scrutinized. Not only to gage the success of the idea and action but to determine the future actions that could result in these ideas.

  • It gives them pride.

    Yes, students should learn about a country's heritage in school, because it is important to learn where they came from. Learning about a nation's history and the things that the nation as a composite group values can give students pride in themselves and the countries that they come from. This is good for students as citizens.

  • Yes: Students Should Learn Aboout a Country's Heritage in School

    If we accept the dubious premise that the school system as it currently exists can properly educate students, then yes, a nation's heritage should be taught. This education on national heritage, however, needs to present both the good and the bad. Let's face it, though, the bad is predominantly white washed out of a desire to foster a national identity and thus a loyal, military supporting base capable of overlooking the atrocities and crimes committed by the ruling class. If heritage is taught, it needs to be more truthful so that we can develop as human beings on a living planet, rather than servants of a particular ruling class.

  • Yes, students should learn about a country's heritage in school.

    I think that students should learn about a country's heritage in school. It is important for students to learn about different nations and countries around the world. Learning history shouldn't only be about the country they live in but other countries and governments on the planet that we live in.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe students should learn about a country's heritage in school. This should be covered in history classes which are vitally important. I don't see how school systems could glaze over this topic without fully addressing history as it should be. Understanding your country should be vitally important to students.

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