• Students should learn about Atheism

    Students should be able to learn about religion in schools. Choosing what you want to believe is a big part of a teenagers life and you have to know about the religion to believe in it. I think the reason most kids choose to be atheist is because its easier to just not believe in anything at all than struggle to understand the other religions all on your own.

  • Yes, but ....

    I think that Studens should learn about Most religions, so, in the future, they can decide which religion will select for their their lives without any pressure, at least that's what i think.

    I cannot put more words, at least something like "Minimun 30 Words"?, i cannot fill the whole space with coherent words.

  • What's there to teach?

    Atheism isn't a religion or a cause. It has no agenda. It is just the lack of belie in a God.
    Simply don't teach children about any kind of religion, but only about facts and to think critically for themselves. There is no reason to waste time on "atheism-lessons".
    Also, usually they have philosophy lessons, so they are already taught about different ways to think about the world.

  • I'm Only Saying No

    Because there's nothing to teach about it. I mean, one could say that "oh, some people don't believe in a higher power or a deity" and that's it. Why should we waste the time of students when religion is already brought up in daily conversations? It's just a waste of time and energy.

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