• Yes, because mind and body work together.

    Education for the mind is the first duty of education; however, mind and body must work together and education is also about balance. Students should be taking physical education classes so that they are strong and flexible of body. It releases stress and allows them to be better students in other classes.

  • Yes PE is essential to a well rounded person

    Students should participate in gym through high school. There are many benefits from gym class. It is a chance to get some exercise. It can teach you how to work with people and competition. If you do away with gym class you are doing away with a great stress relief for students.

  • Students absolutely should participate.

    I believe that it is the job of our school system to teach all facets of things to our children, including physical education. Physical or mental disabillity pending, I believe that all students should participate in whatever way that they can during the PE hour of their education while at school.

  • Stress Relief, Exercise

    Students should participate in physical education because it relieves stress, gets the blood pumping and gets the students some regular exercise. PE is part of the regular curriculum because kids need to know about every aspect of society in school, not just the academic ones. PE also encourages kids to stay healthy throughout their lives.

  • Students Should Participate in P.E.

    Yes, students should participate in physical education. Physical education teaches the value of physical fitness as well as mental fitness. It also teaches the value of teamwork, which proves to be invaluable in all walks of life. If a student misses out on physical education, s/he is also missing out on valuable life lessons.

  • It's not only healthy, but teaches other life lessons as well

    Yes, it's important for kids to be healthy and active rather than obese and lazy, but there are additional psychological benefits to P.E. This will be many children's only exposure to any type of competitive situation. It will be the only chance many will have to learn the characteristics of losing and winning with grace, working as a team, and fair play. Particularly for children who are growing up with parents that lavish praise upon their heads regardless of performance, it may be the chance for them to learn that they are not the best at everything they do, and sometimes you have to work to achieve a goal and be the best.

  • Psychological problems in PE

    I haven’t participated in years in PE because of the negative side effects it has on me. I used to get bullied a lot and I always got ‘picked’ last (I don’t see it as picking though because I was just left for the last one so nobody actually wanted to pick me). This really made me doubt myself and ultimately it gave me depression and (social) anxiety. Whenever I am thinking about even having to participate in PE now (still, As I’m already 18) it completely freeks me out and I have panic attacks. I start hyperventilating and sometimes I even cry because of it. As soon as I’m told I don’t have to participate I am no longer freezing out and my state of being will get back to normal. So no, PE shouldn’t be a mandatory thing for everyone. If you really want to then go for it, But if you have as much psychological (or physical) problems because of it, Then don’t participate.

  • It is up to them.

    I do not think that students absolutely should participate in P.E. because I think that it is not good for every student. P.E. is notorious for having bullies in it. I also don't think that the gym teachers do enough to protect the students being bullied, in fact they sometimes encourage it.

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