Should students pass a basic religion test before graduating from high school?

  • Yes: Students Should Pass a Basic Religion Test for High School

    The assumption in this argument is that High School actually provides enough value in its current form to merit its continuation as an institution, which it does not. Regardless, if we accept the institution of High School, then such a religious test would be a good addition. It would create a platform for cultural awareness, religious tolerance, and critical thought, all of which are sorely needed in the world today.

  • Pass A Basic Religion Test

    I personally think that Higher education is the responsibility of our entire nation, not just college graduates. College graduates should not have to foot the bill for others to go to college; we as a country should all strive to make our public and private colleges the best they can be. We owe it to our children to make sure a college education is available to them. Each taxpayer in this country should be willing to do anything it takes to assure that college is available to all our children

  • We have Freedom of religion... Keep it that way!

    Religion should not be incorporated in school. Everyone has the right to choose their religion, but FORCING that a student learns about all/most religions could every offensive, especially if they have already chosen what religion they want to be a part of. If you want religion to be incorporated in schools, go to a church-school.

  • Students Should Not Be Forced to Take Religion Test

    No, students should not be forced to pass a basic religion test before graduating from high school. One of the most important tenets of the United States is the separation of church and state. By forcing students to pass a religion test, the Federal Government would be endorsing religion, something it should not do.

  • No, keep religion out of school.

    Ever since the founding fathers wrote the founding documents, they wanted to keep religion as far away from state as possible. This includes the classroom. If religion is to be taught, teach the history of all religions, and don't expect students to adhere to any of them. Especially don't expect them to pass a religious test; it's unconstitutional.

  • No, students should not pass a basic religion test before graduating from high school.

    Students should not have to pass any sort of a religion test before graduating from high school because schools are government funded and there should be a separation of church and state. Students should have to pass basic CIVIC and MATH tests before graduating school, but this would hurt graduation rates so it is not going to happen in most states.

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