• Yes i do think people should pay for their own lunch at school

    Because i see different people throwing different food on the cafeteria food in the floor,the lunch ladies paid their money on that food ( atleast i think) but they go to work evreyday to cook good and all their doing is cooking for nothing ,because most students throw their food in the floor,not only their waiste\ting the cafeteria food their waisteing their MONEY so that is whyh i think students should pay for theirown food !!!!! Thx :)

  • Kids should pay for their lunch instead of parents paying and wasting their money on their kids lunches.

    Well, What I have seen in my school is that children in mostly 5th grade get a lunch bill from our lunch lady and are really disappointed to see how much money they owe and have to tell their moms and need forgiveness from their parents. Now you see why kids need to pay for their own lunches!

  • Free school meals

    In the UK we get free education so i think we should at least pay them back somehow like they need money for our supplies and etc and if we did go free the opportunity could be put towards something more useful. And loads of people dont actually need the free meals so money is just going to waste

  • School lunches shouldn't exist...

    Its the parents responsibility to take care of their child. This includes feeding them. Schools shouldn't have to take on that responsibility and neither should children. Parents have the overall responsibility so thats their job. Teaching parents that their kids are entitled to everything will set them up on a bad path later on.

  • Yes, students should have to pay for school lunch.

    Ok, so, the two that oppose thus far (WolfLover and anonymous) say that it is unfair for those who can't afford it, but in all reality the school HAS to provide lunch for those that cannot afford it. Also put together Saand's argument and zebzealous' argument and Bam!, you have mine.

  • Why shouldn't they?

    I'm sorry but not everything in life is free. School, like my teachers told me, is supposed to be a practice environment for working life, thats why we have to get there on time, dress appropriately and pay for our lunches. The world doesn't care about your financial problems harsh but true.

  • It instills the value of money in childrens minds.

    It teaches students that nothing in life is free. If they want something they will have to both work for and pay for it. They are not just going to be handed everything on a silver platter. Nobodys born with a silver spoon in their mouths and there is not this unlimited supply of money flying out of their pockets. I believe in many instances the price should come down so kids can afford it easier but it should still remain in place. If a student forgets their money as somebody on the opposition stated and as i had done many times myself Thats just too bad . Going without your lunch because you forgot your money teaches you responsibility because you do it one time you probably wont keep doing it again and you learn its important you go with what you need for the day and this principle will carry through into adulthood with jobs family ect as well.

  • Kids should be more educated in school

    As for a matter of fact, school lunches should be free to all schools out there in the world. School lunches should be free because there are some kids that are in poverty, or that they have very little money. Even though school lunches are gross, they at least can have a better education, instead of focusing more on starvation. If no lunch for them, they might have some brain damage, and that makes them drop their academical grade dramatically.
    As specifically said in the New York Times, they stated, "New York City's decision to make lunch free for all public school students is good news for children and families. We should take heed, however, of the statistic underlying this action because it demonstrates the extraordinary persuasvness of food insecurity in our city: 75 percent of New York's 1.1 million students already qualified for free or reduced-price lunch."

  • Just a waste of money

    I mean you are paying what 2. 50 each day that's not fair overall you waste about 200 dollars on school lunches who wants to do that. Certainly not your mom or dad so we should not pay just a waste of money. And people say the solution to that is BRING YOUR LUNCH I mean no no no. . . . . . .

  • Yall niggas sum toddlers

    Toddler havin ass niggas tryna make me pay for some damn fake ahh food like bitch ion want that turkey toe that yall say is chicken, And that rat yall servin that you gettin from china sayin its asian chicken yall mfs lying like a damn rug. . .

  • I used to eat school lunch until I had to pay.

    Not all of us can afford school lunch. The district thought my mom could make a lot of money but for the whole year, We can barely get food at the grocery. One day I didn’t know I had to pay lunch and they didn’t bill me, Oh no no no, They stole my food away. Puls food was nasty so paying it wasn’t worth it. Fricken $3. 50 for fake chicken tenders 😒

  • No, schools should not force kids to pay for their lunches

    Underfunded and extreme budget communities and schools happen because of the federal government, and so many children in states like Hawaii have to pay for their own school lunches. As a resident of Hawaii, a child has to pay up to $2.50 a day to get lunch. In Hawaii, there are 180 school days, so multiply cost by day and you get $450. Many families can't afford that. Hawaii schools don't allow students to move on to the next grade or graduate if they have ANY negative balances. Most schools are also going into debt, as a minimum, $1000 in debt.

  • Students are not financially responsible for themselves.

    Students are not responsible for making their own money, so why should they be penalized for not being able to pay? It is a parental responsibility, but if the parent doesn't have the money, the child suffers. Prisoners eat for free off of tax money. However, we starve the children? Where are our priorities here?

  • Some kids cant afford lunches

    I had always bought my friend lunches cause I knew what he was going threw. Kids shouldnt pay for lunch we already pay to stay to eat in school why should we pay for lunches that could be for the money for staying for lunch should get them lunches for school there spending to much money to buy lunches there what if there parents are having a hard time with money I'm done

  • No its selfish

    Umm, NO! Kids should not pay for school lunch because some kids be struggling , they be living off food stamps, dad not paying child support, and they be needing to eat sometimes. Its selfish and it tells me that you really don't care about anyone but yourself.


  • Im poor and i eat rats at lunch :)

    So people shouldn't pay money becuase i am poor and i have to eat rats at lunch so thats why. Also it not fair to kid who have no money like me cuz then they get sad and lonley and have no friends cuz they eat rats like me so they become sad.

  • You are dumb for picking yes

    Cause what if your family is broke don't have no food no nothing and you want your kid to starve you dirty punk no life piece of junk and your broke I'm just a kid saying this and we work all day for educatetion and we need food in are system

  • No they should not

    Government required education but you aren't going to feed them. Government doesn't want me to homeschool but if I did I would have to feed them, so if you make or want my child go to school you should feed them. Rich or poor I don't care. It is hard enough to worry about all this, pictures, sports, clubs, and trips to worry if my child is eating. Too many people can bare make it as it is, we don't need one more thing and one more reason to go 'back' on government assistance if we was on it before.

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