• Students know better

    Students can be offered encouarged and recomended subjects.
    Depending on the individual's enviornment, the individual will make a mental list of things they want to learn, then they go out exploreing trying to learn the info they know will probally be useful to them for their own survival, health, comfort, happiness, freedom, and overall well-being.
    -Each person lives in a different enviorment, around different types of people, climates, and things in their enviornment, makeing each person need to learn how to survive in their own unique enviornment, and what they individually think they need to learn for their own survival is based on their past expirences.
    -Their is certian info that more than one person will probally think they need to learn, and end up learning and useing, that depends on what happens in their unique enviorments, and what happens to their individual physcial health and physcial comfort.
    -people do not predict or know every peice of info they are going to need for their whole life.
    -people try to prepare for the future, and geuss what info they will probally need to use in the future, based on what they learned from the past expirences, and based on what resources are available to them in their enviornment.
    -Based on past expirences and based on what resources have been available to them in the past, will help determine their geuss for what resources will be avilable to them in the future.
    People try to learn how they can use what is avialble to them now, and what will probally be available to them in the future, to survive.
    -What has primarily been aviable to them in their whole past, and their recent past, and what has primarly been available to others in their enviornment and under what circumstances helps determine what they think will be available to them in their furture.
    People do not assume something new or unexspected will be avilable to them in the future, based on just beacuse someone told them it will, exspeically if a known liar, abuser, or threator told them it will.

  • Better concentration guys!!

    I strongly believe so!!
    Children must be given the liberty to choose their subjects
    They will have the complete concentration required if they the choose what they want
    It makes them clear about their goal and this makes them work towards their goal and enables them to achieve many things!

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes, students should be able to pick their own classes.

    I think so because students will be more encouraged on going to school if they get to pick their own classes. Not only will they be encouraged they will actually try to learn because the classes are their own picks. That's why I think students should be able to pick their own classes.

  • High school students should be allowed to choose what subjects to study

    Students can resolve their career quickly. These days, many twenties are going back to repeat the university entrance exam because they still can’t decide and recognize what they like to do, and what they want to do as their livelihood. Now, letting them select subjects they want to study would put a pressure on them, causing them to think more about their future, giving them more chances. Furthermore, this can support the economy because people will be demonstrating their ability happily in each and every area.

  • I say yes

    When you ask a 5-year-old kid what they want to be when they grow up they say stuff like I want to be a doctor or an astronaut but when you ask a 13-year-old kid who has been to school their whole life they are unsure of what they want to do as they have been robbed from creativity. When students are allowed to choose what they want to learn about, they learn to love the things they love more than ever. If a person wants to become a Computer Scientist, what use would they have by studying Shakespearean Writing for half a year? Or why would a Journalist need to know how to calculate the exact circumference of the sun in a science/math class?

    While the School may make you academically intelligent it takes away your creative intelligence. It teaches them to go the same path to the same goal and not expand and go down a different path.

    People like Johnny Depp, lady Gaga and Steve jobs all dropped out of school or collage to pursue what they love doing. They took a different path to what everyone expected and now are making billions of dollars.

  • Students get stressed when they do too much irrelevant homework

    Students need to be able to choose classes that they are good at. They do not need to be stressed about subjects that they will not be pursuing. It is a waste of the students' time to work on assignments that have no importance in their adult life or career.

  • MOO sds sds

    6.-Students should have at least a basic knowledge of each subject to start off of.
    We could have that from jk-grade 3 that the students learn all the subjects thus, they get an idea of if they would like to learn these subjects or not.Sdsdsd s ds sd sd

  • I think that students should have choice in subjects

    Sometimes they aren't good at something and want more of something else so it makes it easier and gives them a happier after school knowing their going to do something they enjoy and they will look forward to meaning they will spend more time on their homework,put more effort or even do their homework.Students should have more time on subjects they are more capable at or that they enjoy rather than doing stuff that they cannot enjoy because of their lack of capability.Although i think you should have a minimum of subjects to choose from so students don't get bored for doing the same thing everyday

  • People know what to choose

    Lots of people choose their job before choosing their subjects. They search up requirements and know what to choose. Everything people choose determine their future . So people know what to choose and they all love choosing their favourite subject and they will always be determined to choose a good subject

  • I strongly disagree

    I disagree because students will pick subjects where they can be with their friends. They will also pick subjects that do not help to challenge their knowledge. Due to the lack of knowledge leaving them with no one wanting to give them a job, they could end up in a difficult financial situation.

    -A fifth grader
    (I'll be a sixth grader in two months)

  • I don't agree.

    Listen, I agree with some of the people saying yes. They say that they are sick of being told what to do, or want freedom. Yes, I agree, but there are people who are irresponsible and will set themselves up to fail. They want to choose it just so they can be with their friends, or so it will be easy. But they will be distracted or not be challenged enough.

  • No students should not

    Because if students get to pick there class they are going to pick an class with there friend and if they do they will not be able to focus because they are going to busy talking to there friends why the teacher is trying to teach and then the kid will star making bad grades

  • No no no

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  • Children are stupid

    Children are irresponsible and a waste of space
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  • No no no

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  • I agree :)

    Because students that choose their own subject can learn a subject that choose so that they can have fun as well as learning.And learning a subject that they choose doesn't mean that they must learn a specific topic,Because each subject can lead into other subjects to.Witch mean more subjects in one lesson.

    In my opinion in think that being able to choose your own subject is a good idea,so that the students can enjoy learning their own favorite subject. :)

  • N o o

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  • I so agree

    Students should not choose there own classes because they will choose the classe there friends are in and never understand the teacher because there talking with there friends it wont be good for them they will be stupid at the end of the year parents don`t want there child dumb they want them smart.

  • They are not responsible enough.

    The more subjects students know, the more variety of jobs they have to choose from. In high school, the would be more responsible and know what they are better at so they would know what to focus on and what to keep on doing, things they are better at.

    Students would probably choose the subjects they are good at and not choose the subjects they aren’t as good at so they would get better marks, well at least it would look like they get better marks only because they choose the subjects that they are good at.

    Students can also choose subjects to be with their friends so they will be distracted and not focused on school. In high school when they are more responsible, they will know to prioritize academics over being in a class with their friends.

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