• Yes they should!!!!!

    Parents want sustainable grades however, their child’s grade decrease over the summmer due to the lack of work.
    Also, when starting your GCSE courses , there is to much to cover in such a short time, due to the excessive amount of holidays.
    More education would able students to achieve more .

    My compromise would be to sshorten the days yet increase the amount of days

  • I need time

    I know it's for my education and stuff but I need time. I was late to school today because I didn't get enough sleep. Mental illnesses get the best of me and prevent me from succeding. School is just so much to handle. I should just enroll in a home schooling program.

  • Children are getting dumber and dumber

    Compared to other countries such as Japan, China, and Europe, the US is under educated. US students spend nearly half as much time in school than any of these countries. Students today have terrible time management and think of school as not important because nobody is teaching them. I've read over some of these arguments and quite a few on the NO side have misspellings. What does that tell us?

  • We should have more time at school

    We have 7 to 8 hours in school our sleep needs to be 10 hour or up that means what happens to the 7 more hours we have at home. I'm know one of the reason is our family but of we have 30 minutes to 1 hour more so at least we can learn more or do more

  • School is not just about academics, but also teaches children how to socialize, responsibility, organization, time management and many other important skills necessary for adulthood.

    Schools teach students, what parents can't. School is not just about how to read and write, but also about how to become the best human being you can be. Schools keep children off the streets and away from any potential harm, exposure to drugs and alcohol, and/or bad influences that may encourage violence and/or vandalism.

    Schools teach children how to socialize with others. They are exposed to different cultures, races, and beliefs, and are able to learn to how accept, respect and tolerate those who are different.

    Schools also teach children about responsibility, organisation and time management skills through various tasks and deadlines. If we shorten school hours, children won't have enough time during school, to learn these other essential life skills.

    Extending the hours will definitely benefit our children in the long run. Besides, spending more time in school, doesn't necessarily mean more homework or more maths. The time extension could be used to lengthen recess and lunch, extend time spent on team based activities or to create a completely new session fully dedicated to explicitly teaching children life skills.

  • We need more education

    Schools in other states have school for six hours or even eight it has to be equal and if we have longer school time then we get more education and we will be able to achieve more (get a job in the future). THIS IS WHY I believe we should have more school time. P.S. I am a student in the 5th grade saying this.

  • More school more education

    Sometimes i miss school. When I get back I cant seem to get the same lesson and must learn it myself. On weekends, school should be makeup lessons. The teachers should also get paid more every extra day. Also , even though kids don"t like it, school is good. And they should know that by now

  • More time in school equal better ACHIEVEMENT

    Massachusetts has 8 HOUR school days and guess what they did...THEY CLOSED THE ACHIEVEMENT GAP.They went up 44 percent in math,19 percent in science,and 39 percent in E.L.A(English language arts).It helps with better grades,homework,and students don't drop out as much.Plus think about,it if you get your work done fast enough...Think of All the free time you could have in an 8 HOUR school day!Also longer school days could mean...Shorter school YEARS!So that would mean longer SUMMERS...Now thing about it longer summer means more video games(if you like video games),relaxation,and fun time that's a rely good deal to me.Ya I know 8 hour school days could be a pain in the butt some times but if you think about it it helps with grades,homework,and so much more good things like a longer summer,any how if you put your mind to it it will feel like a regular school day(accept a bit longer).Plus if you have spare time and you are bored,and have a boat lode of homework...Just do it.Well this is why there should be longer school days, and if I had an 8 hour school day and I have time fore free time or finishing a boat load of homework I would take that chance so I could go home and hang out with my friends.

  • Yes it does not

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  • It's a good idea

    It's a good idea because you can make new friends and even though you have things on like dance but you can get a better carrier and get better jobs. You get smarter and more clever. Even celebrities are smart like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and much more. You can also raise smarter kids.

  • The evidence clearly shows that

    In summer the students can get dehydrated and its not good for their health. They don't have a water bottle , sun cream or a hat. Many children can get sick or even die.My second reason is winter. In winter its very cold the children can get really sick and die. Some countries are really cold like Canada and Norway the students cant take the cold. They can get frozen fingers or frostbites.

  • We Spend Too Much Time In School

    I am a dancer.I dance 7 days a week and go to school every day. My teachers expect me to have time to come in after and before school to do things and its amndatory. I also have homework every noght. I am overworked, overtired and I'm not even 13. I've been sick all week because I have no downtime because school limits the amount of dance I can focus on, leaving me to cram in dance hours around school. Most of the things I learn in school will never apply to my career choice and a lot of time is wasted on random thongs and transition time. Its ridiculous that I have to spend less time on my dance education which will limit how far my career goes.

  • Nooooo noooooooo nooooooo

    CHILDREN NEED REST, Uhm. Hah, NO. School is spent with hour long lessons, yet we don't need half an hour to form an understanding of what is to be taught. If we had less time in lessons and more time at home the students may use their time more wisely and study the subject/do worksheets/homework/coursework ontime

  • I think NO!

    School is pressure to kids and school is going into peoples homes with homework, projects. Reading, and more! This is also pressure. The average American spends 5 and a half hours a week doing homework. Teachers need to think hard about what they are saying when they give out a ten page essay.

  • I don't think students should any more time in school than they already do.

    Sure, more studying will get you better grades, but many students are already tired after school. And if school lasts longer, some students might even be too tired to do their homework, and they'll fail. A lot of students also have something important after school, like a doctor or dentist appointment, or after school activities, like dance class, baseball, etc.

  • Definitely Wrong In Every Way

    Every student I know are exhausted. It's not because they like to whine or are too lazy but it's because they are exhausted. Students should not be this stressed and tired, when they're only living like 1/4 of their lives. I mean look at Finland. They treat teachers like professionals (BECAUSE THEY ARE, OBVIOUSLY), students enjoy their free time (AN HOUR OF RECESS), and there are no mandatory testings! This is like the complete opposite of what America does. I just realized that I'm turning this into a "Why should American students spend more time in school?" but this is what I have compiled so far. Time and learning is not relevant. It's the determination and motivation (AND HAVING MORE TIME is NOT going to make it more plausible). I don't even have to time to eat breakfast because I wake up late from the amount of homework I have to go through the night before. I guess in terms, "sleep is not important anymore" and "breakfast is no longer the important meal of the day."

  • Either the way it is, or less.

    I thought lengthening the year and shortening the day wont be a bad idea, that way students would learn a lot without being stressed out or lengthening the day and shortening the year wont be a bad idea either, but extending the day and the year?! You got to be kidding..... No advantages and much more disadvantages, students will be enraged, even though that's not what's important, for all of you who say yes, you finished school you have a job, you have a life so you went to school 6 1/2 hours a day 5 days a week and 180 days a year, so let this generation have it, or make it less.

  • Less time in school/ if you ask me

    The education system with these long hours only exhaust the drive will and motivation to learn...Kids spending all that time around peers only ad to social and physiological demands. Make learning more practical bring education to reality in their lives it will help the overall economically and their retain more of the information....Not by simply adding more time to lectures and mundane assignments.

  • No more adding school hours

    Basically what I think about this is exhausting . To be honest the school time is already long . I go to school a 8 o'clock and end at three. Adding more hours to schooltime a make it exhausting. Parents need to spend time with their children and not being a prison with no heat or no AC which in the summer gets really hot there so. Finally in my opinion I think that adding more school hours to this is a really bad idea and I disagree with it thank you very much for listening

  • A Good Knowledge Supporter

    The many people that go to school don't have the time to get up and get ready and even have a knowledge supporting breakfast. In the articles and magazines authors and writers say that breakfast is the most important meal on the day because it gives you the nutrients you need.

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