Should students stay after school just for 1 Loud Student while the Teacher is talking?

Asked by: televisionadscom
  • It really depends.

    In some cases it may be unjustified, but in some cases if students aren't part of the solution, then they are part of the problem. I've been involved in both situations, these kinds of situations vary so much from one to another that it's hard to make a blanket sweep and generalize every situation.

  • Fourth Geneva Convention

    Under the Geneva Conventions after the conclusion of the second World War II, collective punishment is a war crime. Article 33 of the Fourth Convention states: “No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed." As the United States accepted all terms in the agreed document, they are applied to American laws. Therefore, punishing the entire class for the actions of one is certainly breaching the law, however, this cannot be argued for any hold up under 5 minutes. You can certainly bring this up to your teacher, but I would recommend rather being patient for a few minutes.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    WHY WOULD A TEACHER KEEP A CLASS IN FOR LOUD STUDENTS TALKING WHILE THE TEACHER IS TALKING? I had a issue like this before. At that time while the student is talking at the same time the teacher, someone follows. I always keep my mouth shut. THAT IS A THREAT TO OUR RIGHTS TO GO HOME ONCE SCHOOL IS FINISHED FOR THE DAY EVEN THOUGH 1 STUDENT DOESNT TALK!!!!! School boards need to learn this one day. I am still angry at this. Going home after school is a RIGHT, not a PRVIVILEGE unless you have a Video Assignment or have to attend a Extra-help-session After school or something like that. ----televisionadscom, the guy who hates when students scream and yell and gets our freedom rights to go home taken away for loud and quiet students

  • This is absurd

    How are teachers even allowed to do this? This is definitely unconventional, and is something that shouldn't be allowed, ever. I can understand ONE kid staying after school for being disruptive (believe me, I totally understand how that is), but definitely not ALL of them. Students should never have to be punished for the wrongdoings of another child, especially if they are not involved. A situation very similar to this had happened in my high school, when a student had destroyed the teacher's chair behind the desk. Not only was this right before finals, this was a week or two before the end of school for the summer. But this student, and all of the others in the same class, were punished for the actions of one person. And that just isn't right.

  • It isn't the other student's fault

    The other students have no control over the loud student's behavior. Unless you are going to give them the right to punish (i.E. Bully) the loud student, and that's obviously NOT a solution and would rightly lead to a great deal of outrage on the part of parents.

    A better solution is to just punish the loud student. Keep the loud student after school. In fact make the loud student write an apology note to be read to the entire class for disrupting their education.

    Punishing all the students promotes a students v. Teacher mindset, which could lead to antagonistic attitudes towards learning. Instead it should be framed as the loud student v. The entire class. The teacher is not some lone victim, and students are not collectively villains. The loud student also disrupted the other students' education. Punishing the other students distracts from that point.

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