• Students and Language

    I believe that students should take a foreign language class because there are many people in American that speak different languages and only that language. Like Spanish, many people in America speak Spanish and sometimes can speak English at all or not very good. These classes allow students to be able to communicate with different people.

  • It can help make friends by talking in their language.

    Some times kids that speak different languages talk behind other kids back and they cant under stand what there saying. So if we all speek the we would be able to understand each other and make lot more friends and kids wont feel left out at all color and language doesn't matter.

  • For Future Purposes

    Learning a language other than your primary one will serve beneficial if you are an ambitious person and are looking to do major businesses in other countries. It also establishes bonds and helps you to connect with people of a different language. Language is a very important part in our lives. For example; an avid debater (as are the ones reading this) can debate with other people regardless of differing languages. You have a wide arsenal and you know how to use it.

    Knowledge is power. Knowing helps you for any unforeseen challenges or opportunities in the future, And to succeed in life requires a vast amount of knowledge. Whether it is in a certain area, Or touches a broad spectrum.

  • No its boring

    Its useless. I live in america not spain. I dont need to learn any other language other than english. Its useless unless i plan on traveling. Which i don't. So we should not have to take languages because its boring and useless. Thanks for reading my rant about language classes

  • Unless they plan to do business with a foreign country.

    We didn't do it for people from other countries, why do it for Hispanics? This country has more than just English and Hispanic ancestry. We are a mixture of people from all corners of the globe. My ancestors came from Dutch and German speaking areas of Europe but have you ever seen a sign, heard a phone option, or had any reference to help those who would only speak those languages? No. Yet we have Spanish stuff all over the place. Sure, in some small communities like China Town or Little Italy you have signage in those languages but in areas that are mostly English speaking you almost never see a sign in other foreign language.
    I could see if you lived in a community that is near the southern border of the U.S. places that have large populations of and tourists from Spanish speaking countries, but up here in the north, if anything we should have signs in French because it is near French Canada and towns that were originated by the French, yet I have never seen one thing in French.
    If you were going to another country, would you want to learn a respective amount of their language? For instance, if you were only just spending a day or two, you would want to know enough to find food or a bathroom. If you were going to stay longer, you would want to know more like to be able to get around or shop. If you were going to be there for a long time or moving there, you would want to learn as much as you possibly could. Even though we would make such efforts to respect their country, we don't expect them to do the same?Instead of expecting them to learn the dominant language here, they expect us to learn their language to make their lives easier.
    I know, I have been focused on the Spanish language but for good reason. The school I went to had two foreign language teachers, both of them taught Spanish. In other schools, I noticed IF they had other foreign languages, they had at more classes teaching Spanish than any other. Also, the fact that Spanish tends to be the only option as far as other foreign languages. Pick up your phone and call an 800 number. The ones that have automation always have a choice of either English or Spanish but no other language.

  • Are you mad!!!

    Students will not have time to focus on other subjects like math, science, language arts, and social studies. Most students take a language and don't even LEARN it because they don't show enthusiasm for learning it because they are forced to learn it. This is AMERICA! The so called free country! Why are we forced?!

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