• Yes i do

    I think that is a good idea to learn a new tapy of language so if you want to go some were new than you can speck that language and be able to find where you are going and how to ask that person if you know how to get here

  • Being bilingual reaps many benefits

    Learning a second language is a great rewarding experience and knowing another language makes you smarter and although it takes a lot of time and dedication in the end it is totally worth it. Having a second language is a gift that should be made available to all American students.

  • One world language

    All students all around the world should take a common, simple, one world language so that everyone can communicate with each other and not waste time learning how to communicate with only a quarter of the world at a time. First, that perfect language would have to be developed, because it most definitely is not English. I am thinking of the Japanese hiragana, Chinese grammar, and English pronunciation

  • Dora ate grandma

    I am cat dog hybrid, steve ate a lemon and smelled elmo eating salad in a big bad bowl , the sand man ate my turkey, dora found dory at 3:34 PM at the mall in washerbury argh, Patrick an am a gerd I an OP in a Red Yargo

  • A second language can help

    Taking a second language can improve your life greatly, including making tourist visits a bit easier, knowing what random strangers are saying, but also because a second language, no matter what it is, can help you understand your first language more, and if you take a second language you already know, you can reinforce your knoweledge

  • Being Bilingual helps students.

    Bilingual students have been proven to have an academic advantage and get higher grades. Not only will it help students in school, it will help them in their adult lives. People who speak multiple languages have more job opportunities, and often have higher wages. Many well-educated countries have their students speak a second language, and countries with a large tourist industry do as well. Having students speak a different language will help our country immensely.

  • Its a waste of time

    Students could be spending the time they spend working on their math skills as many students are very weak in the field. I know that me personally I have never spoken spanish in a real situation and I took the class for 6 years. Had that time been dedicated to more relevant skills for me it would have been more beneficial

  • In The Middle, But They Don't Have To

    There are many benefits to learning multiple languages, but I believe that students don't have to if they don't want to. They have the ability to only know one language if they want to, and instead know only one language really well. I put this in the "no" area as I don't think students should be forced to learn multiple languages if they don't want to, like they should with Math, English, Science and History.

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