Should students take a year off after high school (yes) or immediately go to college (no)?

  • As a teacher, I would like to weigh in on this topic.

    This is a loaded question with valid reasons for and against students taking a year off after high school. Today, there is tremendous pressure on both teachers and their students to excel. Standardized tests, more rigorous curriculum, and familial pressures make for potentially stressful high school years. As an educator, I find many students simply lack the maturity to make such a monumental decision at such a young age (17 or 18). If a student wants to take a year off after high school, it should be a productive year; one that includes some soul searching and researching areas of interest. With the cost of college, and the unpreparedness of so many graduating seniors, I believe a year off to explore options is not a bad idea.

  • Take the year off

    You need time to decompress. Otherwise you may enter college not really knowing who you really are and you may even pick the wrong degree program. I believe in this day and age college has become so essential that's plenty of incentive to go to college after the year off.
    I was already in college but really needed a year off and I really wish I had taken it. Everyone talked me out of it. I know looking back I would've switched my major and now I have all this debt but am determined to go back to college someday and get the right major no matter what it takes.

  • No "gap year"

    I think students should got to college the following fall instead of taking a year off. Because i don't think a lot of people would go back after taking a year off. If you take a year off your scholarships may go bad and you would have to apply all over again. Also you may have found an apartment and gotten a job, so if you wanted to go back to school it may be extremely difficult leaving your job and moving. And i know several people that have taken a year off then decided not to go back. What is your opinion on this? Should high school graduates go to college the following fall or take a year off?

  • Couldn't imagine it any other way!

    At my university, I work for a program that actually strong encourages high school students to get right into college ASAP. We do a program where newly graduated seniors can take classes that earn them college credit and get used to the college environment before everybody else shows up, and it is SUCH a great experience for them! A lot of them say that they never would have imagined NOT going to college right away. Yes I have a skewed example, but man! Why wait to find yourself, new experiences, and new friends?

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2Sense says2014-01-10T05:38:33.333
Depends on the student.