Should students’ textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?

  • Yes! Ofc! XDD

    Text books are so heavy, in convenient and expensive if u add up a six year sum. O o o o h ... I love it. Textbooks are a waste of paper so, replace it!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😜😜😁😁😁😁😁 laptops forever. Y'know, they should replace it cuz everyone loves laptops, like me and you!

  • Every year, millions of kids develop back problems due to the weight of their backpacks.

    Millions of trees are cut down just to make workbooks and textbooks for schools. While students continue to have back pains at early ages, the technological revolution has developed compact, light, laptops some weighing as little as less than a pound. Will we continue to place strain on the growing backs of students? Or should we consider replacing the heavy textbooks and notebooks with laptops?
    Although laptops are still expensive, ranging from 250-1500 dollars each, the price of a single laptop compared to the cost of multiple textbooks is less on the school district’s wallet. Textbooks usually cost around 100 dollars or more, yet the information gets outdated quickly and schools have to dig out more cash to purchase up to date textbooks. With laptops, textbook publishers and teachers would be able to edit and update the information more easily on electronic copies of text. Teachers would be able to select certain pages of workbooks to use online, instead of buying whole workbooks that we only use half of. Not only would this be easier on the school’s budget, but also on the environment. Over fifty million trees are chopped down each year to make textbooks in the United States alone. Four billion trees worldwide are chopped down yearly for paper, notebooks, workbooks, you name it.
    I asked kids around hixson middle school what they think about the topic. “yea textbooks and notebooks should be replaced with laptops because laptops are more portable, are less heavy and are more efficient but they are expensive,” said a student.
    “Laptops should replace textbooks for many reasons but I'll give you two: one when bringing textbooks home for homework they hurt your back and cause muscle tension and two: do you know how much money they spend for new textbooks each year? Laptops are fun and can be a distraction sometime but are helpful to kids with disabilities and make school less of a stress problem to kids,” said by another student.

    “As a student I believe that laptops are better than textbooks. We can save all of our work online so when we return our laptops to our home room we can access our work again on that computer or on another one. Textbooks could be given out to work from, and tests are hand written, and schools would save lots of money from buying books each year.”
    I think that students should be able to replace textbooks for laptops because students can look up stuff when told to and who wants to look up something in a textbook ? Teachers can check to see what the students are doing, and students don’t have to carry a lot of stuff to class except for a laptop.

  • Deez nuts !

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  • Yes, they should!!!

    According to the Dublin Patch (2012), millions of young children develop back problems due to the weight of their backpacks. The average textbook weighs around five pounds according to the Denver Post. If you have four Common Core subjects, that’s twenty pounds a student has to back and forth between home and school.

  • I like it

    No more back pains with up to date tech would be nice i would like that i love laptops i spend alot of time on them but sadly at my high none even knows how to turn one on XD so yeah thats my reason i hope this happens for real

  • Yes i my suggestion laptops should be replaced by textbooks

    .This is because if we see this generation its all about gadgets ,means if you see any teen ,anywhere they are asking for wifi and if any child does not have 3G in his/her phone then its like almost going through a heart attack
    i would like to say that while using it it will be something innovative and new
    and there is one more profit that if we carry bags ,which are quite heavy....Which can lead to problem in our back(which is )
    so while laptop will not...

  • All in one!

    Well if students textbooks are replaced by notebook computers it would make there lives easier because it takes up less space on your desk, you can have all your textbooks in the computer, and you don't have to replace them ever single year. That is why i think we should have notebook computers.

  • I think both will do.

    Will there are some pros and cons, but notebook makes students attracted to learning i mean its like an huge iPad. I think sometimes notebooks are also bad because it makes your eyes strain and it's bad for your health, but computers have this thing that makes it more interesting to learn with.

  • Yes they should be

    They need to be replaced because I looked a U.W. Stout and one person said the books they carried hurt their back but even one of the Professor said for one semester He's changing the text books with e text books. So they should replace text book the e book

  • I think that textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers.

    Textbooks can be very expensive. Also they make it difficult to stay organized. For example, textbooks can take up space in desks. Textbooks also cause heavy back pains that can last for months, even years! These are just a few reasons why i think that textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers. :)

  • Yes they should be replaced

    They should be replaced because it would be easier to carry instead of carrying those heavy textbooks in your backpack and also trying to fit them in along with all your other stuff. It is also a good idea to replace them because it is easy and very convenient to do your work on such as essays,research etc..

  • Replacement of Student's Textbooks

    The ideas of books being replaced by computers in school terrifies me. Is no one passionate about the smell, and feel of a bound volume anymore? We could end up with a generation of mindless drones who rely on computers to do everything for them.A generation which doesn't understand the beauty of the written word,and finding information for our self in a bound book written by a fellow human being.

    Written by
    student from ,
    al wurood international school jeddah K.S.A

  • Replacing Student Textbooks

    I do not think that students textbooks should be replaced by notebook computers. I think this because there would be less cyber bullying. I also think this because someone might go onto a bad site or they might make fun of someone. This is why I think students should not replace textbooks with computers

  • No I don't agree

    1.What if there is a power cut.
    2. Technology is always changing so we will need to keep updating our laptops and buy new ones.
    3. We wont be able to improve our spelling.
    4.Laptops cost nearly 1 thousand dollars for a good one. That's a lot what if they have siblings.
    5. Kids are going to lie about not doing their work and playing games instead.

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