• Students should rely on teachers

    Students should depend on teachers as their success and future are in the hands of a teacher. Teachers are paid by the students and i think that the teachers should teach the students without getting angry. Well i think that's it for now so guys if you have good points for this then please don't feel shy to write something. . . .

  • Far too liberal.

    As far as school work, Yes, Kids should usually treat what the teacher says as fact or else have their grades suffer. Unfortunately, Most teachers are liberals and their political views can leak into their lesson plan. If that happens and you feel it's something you will be tested on, Be sure to answer according to what the teacher says but your more than welcome to form your own personal views.
    The reason why I say "usually" is because there are some classes where your expected to disagree like political science. I had a teacher who continually talked down about women's role in society and how they should just take home-ec instead. For about a week, Nobody raised any objection to what he was saying so he confessed that he was actually trying to get a response.
    In contrast, I also had a language arts teacher who made open objections to a speech I have as part of a class assignment. Because my speech conflicted with her overly liberal views, She gave me an F. On the assignment and was hyper-critical about other assignments. I thought it was a bit stupid when a liberal teacher (one that should be for freedom of speech) was so critical to a student when they exercised this freedom in a speech class. If you like I can add detail.

  • Students must learn to be independent

    If students rely too much on their teachers, Then they risk becoming dependent on them. This puts students at the mercy of the instructor, And enables indoctrination. Thus, Educators ought to teach students critical, Logical, And creative thinking, So that they can evaluate all the information presented to them themselves; careful thinking, Allows them independently distinguish between truth and error, And defends against indoctrination.

  • Some teachers are (sometimes) chronologically challenged - INTUITION needed!

    Some lack knowledge or teaching abilities in a particular topic/subject. DO NOT LET THAT AFFECT YOUR FUTURE LIFE OR CAREER IN ANY WAY! Students need to rely on their instinct. It is as effective as memory or reason. Concentrate on subjects with "bad" teachers whereas subjects that you excel at, Are better at or easy.

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