• I have switched schools and phones have provided a learning tool

    I was at a public school. No phones were allowed, unless you got one of the few selected teachers who did allow them and did not care. At this time, since you only got one hour if you got a teacher who just did not care, of course the class abused this power and did not use it for educational purposes. It was a distraction. Of course, people always used their phones anyway. At least once a day, someone got caught. It was a big stop and distraction to the class.
    However, I made it in to a different, selective school. Phones are allowed. During the first week, everyone was excited. Shocked, we all asked we really can use our phones whenever we want?! Yes, the teachers every hour replied. Everyone was on their phones the first week. Then, we realized that a phone is not something special. It is just a phone. It is not something to sneak around or to abuse the power of. Instead of thinking of it as a privilege, it was just, well, a phone. If you need to find a ride, text someone during class really quick. No big deal. Need a definition? Look it up. It has become not something so valuable and so secretive. It has become an everyday item, and there are less distractions when the teacher has to yell at the kid who had it out at the old school. The kids who did play games, realized that caught up to them. A week of doing that, they were loss on the material taught. They never played games during the entire class again. It is kinda a if you abuse it, you lose the lesson taught. Learn it yourself. Kids learned not to abuse it.
    Phones have been a great tool. They have become less of a distraction and it has become less of a privilege which is a great thing.

  • Students should not use phones in school.

    Students should not use phones in school because they are a major distraction. Kids should not be able to make phone calls and play video games when they are in class. There is no reason that a student would need a cell phone in school because there is no one they would need to communicate with by phone anyway.

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  • The children do need it

    This question is just silly because children need phones for emergency call whilst on trips or if being followed by strangers.
    They also need it for researches in schools.If laptops and tablets aren't provided(books don't have all detail),how will you find a question out? I hope you understood these two main reasons(there are still more)

  • No, I don't think students should use phones in school.

    Even though cell phones have many useful tools such as calculators, calendars, and stop watches, I think too many students would abuse the priveledge of using their phone during class. Instead of just using the tools I feel that many students would instead use their cell phones to text, play games, or even cheat by looking up answers on the internet. Because of this I do not agree that students should use phones at school. I do however think cell phones should be kept away in a backpack or a locker, that way the student still has their phone with them in case of emergency.

  • No they should use phones in schools.

    Students should definitely not use phones in school because it is a major distraction to their education. They would be texting or surfing the web instead of actually paying attention to the lessons they were being taught. It would also make a inferiority complex start with students who were not able to afford the newest and most expensive cell phones, while others walk around with these hundred dollar phones.

  • Phones should be turned off in School

    I think students should not have phones while school is in session. It is a distraction for students and they will not be able to focus on what the teachers are teaching. I think they should be able to use them during recess and before and after school only. Also if there is an emergency, then they can use them during school hours.

  • Students should not be allowed to use phones in school.

    Students using cell phones during school is quite an obvious distraction. If there is an emergency, then a school employee should be notified and it can be addressed from that point. Cell phones can be used for socializing, cheating, and many other things that have nothing to do with school. It's just another distraction.

  • No Cell Phones in Schools

    In our schools, mobile phones have no use because they're a distraction. Students should be allowed to carry them on their person, however; use during class should be a punishable act. Too many students pull out their phones and disrupt the classroom on a regular basis, which isn't fair to everyone else.

  • They should not.

    Students should not be using phones in school. They only serve as a distraction to the students and hinder their ability to learn. People have gotten by in the past without having sell phones in school and there is no reason why students today can not get by without phones.

  • I second to this

    In my opinion, yes; cell phones should be restricted in school premises. However, having said that, I would recommend teachers making class more interactive rather than one way game, so that students get indulged in learning rather than just wasting time in class. In my opinion, its teachers who should handle the class efficiently for making learning a fun and worthful (in students opinion).

  • No, students should not use their plhomes

    Students should not use their phones to school. Since they will sometime not pay attention to the teacher while teaching and only use their phone for the right reason. I also feel that they should use their phone only for homework, and texting their family if it something important. For example, if they want to know what grade they have and look for missing assignments, they should check their PowerSchool for it.

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