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  • No, no reason for it

    Student will not feel safe outside of school because they will think that when they get out of school they wouldn't be able to go no where before going straight home. Students will not feel like they have freedom anymore. Why would people think of something like this any way

  • Its messed up

    You can google how to hack RFID chips. The chips can be outsmarted. Students might leave their badges with a friend or in their locker. It's also an invasion of privacy. And if they bring the badges home, will they be able to track them there? They might say no but they might be lying.

  • No, that is intrusive.

    No, students should not wear tracking badges, because that is too much intrusion into their personal lives. Students should not feel like they are in a prison when they go to school. That does not make them want to work very hard. The government should not track students any more than they should be tracking adults.

  • No Need To Track Students

    There is no reason for students to wear tracking badges. Tracking badges would be breech of each students privacy. There is no reason that any school system would need to know exactly where to locate a student at any given moment, outside of their scheduled activities. Furthermore, a system like this could be hacked, as well.

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