• Better for Everyone

    It is proven students do better academically when their school requires uniforms. Uniforms can be much more economical. They can also create a stronger, more unified community, alleviate stress, and help students feel comfortable. For those who believe uniforms stunt individuality, there are many, many other ways to express yourself other than clothing choice.

  • Yes, students should wear uniforms to school.

    I believe that schools should wear uniforms to school. Having children look alike in a uniform solves so many problems. You don't have the division of the rich kids with designer kids and the poor kids with clothes from Goodwill. You also don't have to worry about a dress code, which schools have trouble enforcing anyways.

  • Yes, they should

    First of all, uniforms prevent students from dressing in unsuitable clothing.

    Second of all, uniforms make life effortless.

    Lastly, uniforms assure that students are not judge by others.

    Uniforms help unite us in a common goal; to do well in school. It is a symbol of our unity.

  • Yes for uniforms

    I believe you should were uniforms because you can get bullied but you have a better chance to not because you are all wearing the same thing so if they bully you they actually bully their self and they can now we are all the same weather the things we wear or how we dress well that it thank you

  • Cuts down on bullying

    23% of schools in the United States wear uniforms. According to ABC News about 30% of students get bullied because of what they wear. This could all be prevented if students wore uniforms. When you wear uniforms, you make your school look professional and more unified. If you take a look at the first 3 letters in uniform it is uni. Uni means united or together or equal. Uniforms cut down on bullying. The bullies and the victims will be dressed in the same attire. I'm not saying bullying will stop if we wore uniforms, I'm just saying it will cut down or help bullying.

  • Yes i think so

    The reason why i think we should wear uniforms is so bulling wont go on so much and you don't have to get up in the morning and find clothes to wear and you wouldn't have to wear the same shirt like Monday and then wear it again Wednesday .

  • Students should wear uniform because it maintains the uniformity between the children's and also cost effective

    As we cannot expect all the students come up from the similar family back ground, this uniform tells that all the students are same and should be treated as same. Rich, middle, poor and grand celebration outlook cannot be showed off in the uniforms. Uniform is for uniformity. Also, parents can manage the expenditure by buying the uniform rather spending for the other clothes and accessories. A neatly pressed and dressed uniform is the beauty of the school and also the uniform can identify a school name.

  • Students should wear uniforms to school because it alleviates a lot of stress on both students and parents.

    There is so much pressure on students to wear clothing that is in style and on parents to provide the expensive "in" clothing. Wearing uniforms relieves the stress of daily trying to decide what to wear to look best and allows students to focus on more important matters. Uniforms stop the distraction that regular clothes can cause and will stop teachers from having to waste time checking for appropriate clothing. With these tough economic times it will save families a great deal of money by only having to buy a uniform rather than an extensive wardrobe.

  • Everybody wins when students wear uniforms

    From students to parents to teachers, everyone comes out ahead when students wear uniforms. Students can avoid all the hassle that comes from trying to get the "right look", finding other creative ways to express their individual style. Parents avoid putting up with the cost of not just the clothes, but all the accessorizing. Teachers see a learning population that is encouraged to find uniqueness in their spirit and their creativity outside of what they can buy at the store. Great organizations encourage people to dress for inclusion on the team, why can't education do the same?

  • Uniforms are costly and are uncomfortable!

    Students should not be able to wear school uniforms because they are very costly. Parents are having to buy school uniforms every year and almost every other week because schools are making them wear school uniforms. It would be easier to just wear what you got to save money. Plus students would be playing with their uniforms instead of learning. I think this decision is very wise and people should agree. Help your community and town buy going against school uniforms. Thanks for reading. ;)

  • Other Issues.

    No students should not wear uniforms to school. If kids are bullying others because of what they wear, parents and teachers need to deal with that and fix the issue. Teaching kids that the way to get along is to strip them of one of the ways that can express themselves is wrong.

  • I disagree no uniform

    No I don't think that we kids have to suffer by wearing school uniform!
    Because clearly I think that it's unfair because teachers should have to wear school uniform like us kids if students have to wear school uniforms to then teachers have to wear school uniforms to school too.

  • No please no

    First of all, teachers and staff members in schools should not be worrying about what kids wear and worry about what they learn. Yes kids may bully others of what they wear but there is this thing called sustention I mean come on now its a school not a fashion show.

  • Josh s. Made this son!!!

    We should have the freedom to wear what we want when we want! Wearing uniforms is just so dull and boring i mean we aren't in prison although it might feel like it. School is already so boring with all the work and homework that these uniforms just make it so much worse

  • Uniforms cost money

    School uniforms can cost up to $300. $300 is more than a shirt tie and pants. No one cares about school uniforms. I do not like school uniforms. Never trust a school uniform. School uniforms are a waste of money. To conclude my paragraph I say that no student should have to wear school uniforms.

  • What's the point?

    First of all uniforms wont save money, the students parents will still have to buy street clothes for kids after school.
    Secondly, uniforms wont stop students from being judged by their peers. They will still be judged on their hair (style, colour), height, weight, accessories and odor (perfume, etc).
    Lastly, uniforms would not stop school intrusions. Kids could easily borrow a uniform from a friend.

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Anonymous says2013-05-14T18:13:56.870
Students should be required to wear uniforms so it can bring students together.