Should students who bully others be held legally responsible if their victim commits suicide?

  • They should get consequences

    Because there are a lot of kids and teens killing themselves. Just because they get bullied. Those bullies shouldn't get away with it. Because right now while your reading this there is a person getting bullied and there is a person killing themselves. Some people even begin to do drugs just because some people say that it helps you get rid of your problems. But actually its not helping you get rid of your problems its killing you. And they are just going to let the bullies get away with everything they have done. Well I don't think so. I think that they should be in jail for a good time. Until they learned that what they have done is stupid and that there is no excuses for bullying.

  • Yes, they should be punished.

    Speaking from experience, bullies can put you in a mind set causing you to believe the bad and hurtful things they are saying. If there is logical proof then they should be able to charge the person or persons for causing the suicide. I am not saying they should necessarily be charged for manslaughter but diffidently have a charge or some sort of fine. Maybe in some cases put them on a list somewhat like sex offenders but for bullies.

  • Yes, but only if the evidence supports that it was indeed the bullying the caused the victim to commit suicide

    If the bullying is severe enough to a level of which the mental harm caused to the victim is so great, and so unendurable that the victim commits suicide, yes the bully should be held accountable. Legally accountable does not necessarily mean a murder charge but there should be some sort of accountability. The bully has, caused a death and therefore should be punished. Under (English) law; if the defendants conduct is seen as "objectively dangerous" than the defendant could be guilty of Unlawful Act Manslaughter and bullying consistently to a point at which the victim becomes suicidal if of course objectively dangerous.

    Even though I said it does not have to be a murder charge you could even pursue that route. If the defendant aimed to cause Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) which includes mental harm and this led to the death, in England at least that could be murder as the GBH caused the death.

    My point is merely however, that at the very least; the bully should be accountable for his or her actions and I personally would say that a conviction of Manslaughter would be the minimum in terms of punishment... The bully has caused a death... It cannot go unpunished.

  • Yes bullies should be responsible for there victims death

    If the bullying is so severe that they cant take it any more and they commit suicide then they should be held responsible because they shouldn't be doing it in the first place and they know its wrong but they do it anyway because they are (mentally) weak and when they see on the news that the victim is dead they may be shocked or maybe now when they are in court they could show remorse but aren't truly remorseful and me being and attorney I would say that the ladies and gentleman of the jury I hope you reach a fair and just verdict and that would be the end of that// P.S. Research says that the majority of people that say that they shouldn't be responsible are either bullies or they are just in denial or they know a bully that is there friend. Yes they are responsible.

  • It all depends

    It depends how long the bullying is going on. If the bullying has been going on for a short amount of time, it is not a very big deal. If the bullying has been going on for a long time, the bully should be legally responsible. It all really depends

  • Omg yes s

    Some students might injure themselves or other people. Some students that do that when they are bullied can bang their head on the wall very hard which can cause students to lose brain cells which can lead to serious injury. Some students can take it even farther by using a knife!

  • Omg of course

    Some students might injure themselves or other people. Some students that do that when they are bullied can bang their head on the wall very hard which can cause students to lose brain cells which can lead to a serious injury. Some students can take it even father by using a knife!

  • Everyone saying no has NO IDEA

    I am getting really tired of society babying the aggressors and victim blaming. I am a school counselor, and I am disgusted by what is considered normal or acceptable behavior legally. Maybe if I didn't hear so many stories about these kids trying desperately to find help and being told "so and so will be spoken to," or "just tell them to stop," maybe if I didn't know how much pain they are going through and that they AREN'T just weak or looking for attention, maybe if I thought simply talking to the bully would help, then I would say no. But I know for a fact that bullies need a real deterrent or they will be ruthless. What's worse is that standing up for yourself will guarantee the victim is punished these days. Anyone who disagrees is just plain ignorant.

  • Pene de dios

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  • Yes, bullies should be responsible

    I'm gonna make this quick. Every time i look at a kid at my school and i see that they would get bullied i start to tear up because nobody deserves to go through that. This is considered murder just because it wasn't done physically doesn't mean that they didn't verbally kill them. Bullying should be illegal and i am so supprised because if i had the power to do that i would in the blink of and eye.

  • No just no

    Well first of all it all depends on how the victim dies, if the bully actually physically murders him then obviously he should be held responsible. Then again, it all depends. If the 'victim' dies by their own hand (in other words suicide) the bully shouldn't be held legally responsible because the person chose to do it. Sure the bully was doing wrong but all the person had to do was tell someone. They just had to ask someone to tell them to stop. Maybe not the first person won't help that person, but ya know some may decide if they are nice enough to care even though they will probably end up being little emos

  • Yes, they should be punished.

    Being a bully's victim myself, I believe bullies should be punished for their actions. They need to pay some sort of fine, or be subjected to the punishment of the law. Not necessarily jail, because they would either stay the same or get worse (influence from inmates), but some kind of fine.

  • No not really

    I think that bullying is a horrible thing. I just don't think that people should be held legally responsible if their bullying victim commits suicide. It could be a hard thing to determine. Sometimes people are bullied by many people. Sometimes the victim is more hurt by certain bullying, rather that others. It would be hard to find a place to blame.

  • Students who bully should not be held legally responsible if their victim commits suicide

    I feel that students who bully should not be held responsible if their victim commits suicide because although they can be mean, it's not their intent to actually kill the person. We have actual people who have killed other people intentionally who aren't even in jail right. As much as I would like to see bullies get punished, I just think this should not happen.

  • You can't control another.

    No, students who bully others should not be held legally responsible if their victim commits suicide, because that is a way of holding one person accountable for another person's actions. People who have bullied but whose bullying is minor would end up facing disproportionate charges if their victims are extremely sensitive.

  • No, I don't think they should.

    Bullying does have to be stopped and it is important for us to prevent as many suicides as possible from happening, but what we have to keep in mind here is that the bullies are troubled too. Both the bully and the bullied have to be addressed early on, before it leads to things like this.

  • No, mabey, just no

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  • A Bully Did Not Kill The "Victim"

    When a child is bullied, it feels as though they can't take it anymore. When they feel that, they may commit suicide. That's terrible but it was their decision. Not the bullies. Did the bully pull the trigger or hand the child? If not, then it isn't their fault. But if they did murder them, then of course it's their fault. We all go through bulling once in our lives and we decide if we want to end our life's. The bully doesn't decide if you kill yourself.

  • Bullies, bully, bullies

    Many times you see bullies bulling other people, but you have to know the word friend enemy's, friends can be bullies at the same time they can do multiple things to each to gain power over the other. They don't stop until one of them won or lost. So bullies can be bullied at the same time, so just remember if you tease someone it might come back to you when your older, so what come around goes around, and that is true.

  • Bullies didn't kill

    It's horrible that someone bullies and should be charged for threats but what that victim does is up to that person. The bully shouldn't be charged with murder because the victim made the choice how to handle it. Many don't harm themselves. Victims shouldn't end their lives so young. You can't always control how you're treated but how you handle it

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T11:24:02.100
Yes and no, they both need help

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