Should students who commit cyber-bullying be suspended from school?

  • Legal Precedent Exists.

    In two Supreme Court cases, Tinker et. Al. V. Des Moines and Bethel School District V. FRaser, legal limits and regulations were set on the extent to which student behavior off campus could be disciplined.
    Basically, student actions or speech performed off campus that have on-campus impact can be legally disciplined. Cyber bullying, let's face it, is just an extension of on-campus bullying. It is extremely naive to suggest that what these students do to harass their fellows off campus STAYS off campus.

    Let's take an example:
    A bunch of students at Jane's school decide she's a sl@t. They make a website entitled "Jane's a Sl@t". Now, what these students have done is not criminal. However, the next day or week at most in school, the students are ALL laughing at Jane, making lewd or cruel comments. This jeopardizes Jane's ability to receive an education and has just as much impact as on-campus bullying would have.

  • Yes, They Should

    Because if they have the gall to bully someone on the internet, what happens when you put them in a school setting? It could be even worse because they are face to face with the victim. I think schools should try to do more to help prevent cyber bullying. It's not their job entirely but I think they should try to find ways to stop it.

  • Bullying is Bullying

    If bullying by physical contact results in suspension, why shouldn't negative physical contact result in the same. Cyberbullying mentally and emotionally scars a person, causing low self esteem, depression and even suicide. Not only should the school suspend the bully, but also create programs in the school discouraging and preventing it from occurring with other people.

  • Cause and Effect

    Cyber bullying in itself is kind of like stalking. For something to be bullying, it really has to be harassment, which is repetitive. A person would be continuously harassing someone online when cyber bullying is occurring. I believe harassment should be illegal, and in some states, it already is. If someone does something illegal, they definitely should be suspended. Even if cyber bullying isn't illegal, suspending someone gives the impression that what they did was serious, because it was, and that the school won't tolerate that behavior. By reinforcing that the behavior is bad, the student may be less inclined to cyber bully again. So, yes, I agree that they should be suspended.

  • They need to pay for their actions.

    Suspend them from school and get them into mandatory psychiatric counseling, coupled with giving the entire family an inspection from a child protective services social worker. Kids who bully are likely to have other mental health issues going on, possibly due to the home environment. Let's give them a little time out to reflect on their behavior and see what's going on outside of school hours.

  • Yes, if found with proper evidence, they should.

    Cyber bullying can be the equivalent of beating someone up. People kill themselves when going through stress that they can't deal with. If that stress is someone cyber bullying them (maybe posting a false accusation on a social media page) the same thing will happen. Kids should be suspended to give the parents a good idea of what is happening.

  • Kids need to be taught.

    People who cyber bully other kids leave them in a state of despair. They have usually little friends and need help. Some even have suicidal thoughts and go through with it. If these childrean are not suspended or expelled then I don't know what they should do. Kids who do that I think should have an even more severe punishment. This is a common thing that needs to stop!

  • Always Thinking Negatitively

    Kids or students may feel unhappy about them selves and feel useless when they are not. My peers i have been bullied because my peers tell mt that i have a flat face and have a lot of pimples. It made feel very sad and useless. So i told on them and the situation really stopped. After that i felt so free and confident.

  • Bullying leads drama

    Yes, because if you keep them at school they are going to start the drama there. I know a lot of people that get bullied at school and it happens both at home and over Facebook. When my friend and I went to the school about it, they could't help.

  • Wow turtle yeah

    Just because it’s mean and don’t do it because you hurt others imagine how you would feel if you were being bullied every time you decided yo go onto the internet they need to pay pay real bad like biiiiiiiigtime like real big like big big time - professor poopshoot

  • Since when was your HOME laptop a part of the SCHOOL?

    Schools do not own a child 24/7. And being a student at a school doesn't give you any protections from the things that happen to you outside school.

    The First Amendment says that the government can't tread on free speech. School is different because it owns property, but they are only allowed to control what goes on during school hours, or on school grounds. If schools can suspend kids for things that happen off school, then I should be banned from the skating rink because I skated clockwise in my driveway.

  • The school should have no right to dictate such things.

    If a kid is verbally and/or physically harassed at their school, then that is one thing. The school is perfectly justified to assert authority within the school, else what is the point of authority? That being said, the school has no right (assuming this isn't a school run site) to dictate the goings on of what happens on any site on the Internet (unless the aforesaid exception applies). If a kid is going to get suspended by the school for cyber-bullying of a non-school run site, then the kid might as well get arrested for assault for throwing a snowball at a teacher outside of school after school hours.

    School suspensions are for the goings on IN A SCHOOL. Once to leave the property of the school, the school should not have any say over what you do.

  • There's no reason

    Cyber-bullying is already the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. There's a red X on the top corner of every page pulled up. Literally all they have to do is close out the page.

    This is the internet. Everyone is a douche here. Suspending someone over it is just plain dumb

  • Schools are for teaching children not policing

    If it's really that bad involve the local, state, or federal government. The school is not for policing offcampus behavior. Though I wouldn't have the government do it either unless it's really serious "harassment, threats"

    Students already can't help going to school. No college would ever get away with so extensively policing the lives of its students. We need to consider the power imbalance created by compulsory education and our moral obligation not to take advantage of it.

  • It would not help!


  • Suspension does not help

    Schools rely to heavily on suspension to deal with displaying problems. Suspension just makes problems worse by making it even more difficult for difficult kids to access their education. Many kids enjoy suspension because its a holiday from school.

    Schools should use other more meaningful consequences for kids who commit any type of offence including cyber bullying like loss of privileges, making amends, detention, community service and so on.

  • Wrong Time for the Wrong Crime . . .

    I think cyber-bullying is one of the most psychologically harmful common crimes of the modern age, and something most certainly needs to be done to curb it. But I don't think that suspension from school is the answer because it doesn't fit the crime. For many students, suspension might come as a pleasure, and what about the cyber-bullies who don't go to school at all? What would be really nice would be if they could find a way to suspend the bully from the internet instead of from school. Since that doesn't seem very practical, I think that fines, loss of privilege, or remedial public chores would serve as a good punishment. That might actually make a difference.

  • Probably not.

    Brick-and-mortar schools (as in, School buildings) have no control over a student's phone, Laptop, Or tablet. With online schools, If the bully uses their school account, Then yes, The school should punish the student. Otherwise, However, It's off campus, And while it should be dealt with, Cyberbullying is not a school issue.

  • The kids will have time to slack off.

    They should be suspended or have their electronics taken away. Suspension will do now good. They could sit around playing videos games yelling "360 NO SCOPE!!!!!"
    and trust me no one wants that.
    That is why cyber bullies shouldnt be suspended from school. Dont let the bullies have fun they dont deserve it untill they learn.

  • Why do it

    It will just make them get a free why out of school and then more and more kids will do it like why even do it we can just put them in to a privet school so then that will let poeple know what will happen if they do it and just mady it will stop

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