Should students with learning disabilities generally be mainstreamed with other students?

  • Inclusion is good.

    Yes, students with learning disabilities should generally be mainstreamed with other students, because it would discourage a student so much to tell them that they cannot learn like other children. It is also good for other children to learn how to work with and accept a student with a disability.

  • Students with learning disabilities should be in mainstream or any stream with other students.

    I have two learning disabilities, they are Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and I'm in mainstream. Im in year 10 and doing ATAR next year. To have a learning disabilities and get into mainstream is hard but not difficult. Everyone how said no, they can have their own option but it dose hurt to see that everyone is judging people with learning disabilities. Albert Einstein once said "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

  • This needs a "kind of" section

    In my opinion it really can't be put into a "general" idea as every person with a mental disability is different so should be assessed individually. I have a I have a learning difficulty and am about to begin my GCSEs in a mainstream secondary school. Could you tell? No? Then I suppose all those who put something along the lines of "everyone with a learning disability shouldn't go to mainstream schools" are complete morons and should maybe ask themselves if they should go to a mainstream schools. My "general" answer would be no they shouldn't as they need help to understand that people aren't all the same and so cannot be put into cottagers based on ability as I'm in set one for my English class which makes me even happier because I can prove those on the other side of this argument completely wrong.

  • Cost vs Benefit and virtue signalling

    We barely support children who don't need a lot of supports to get through. If we aren't going to staff the system to support this, we shouldn't be doing it. It just ends up compromising the experience of everyone.

    As well, it begs the question of whether it even helps the students with disabilities or harms them, given that they are being placed in a resource compromised system. In that light, given the lack of resources, given the fact that developmentally we already know that our education system is a poor fit for what is effective, do we choose to fail everyone in the guise of 'fairness'?

    As well, are we sticking to this way forward to simply scream about our own virtue, our wonderful fairness, rather than do the best we can with what we have?

  • My Brothers Love

    My brother was mainstreamed in with the rest of children and never got to show how much he really has to offer. When you throw them in a environment that is hard they are most likely going to fail. When they fail other students will think there done and think they are stupid.

  • Some students with cognitive exceptionalities simply cannot be mainstreamed into the classrooms with their non-disabled peers.

    There are many students with varying levels of special needs that may be able to be included in classrooms with neurotypical peers. However, there are also students who cannot handle that social setting. I don't believe that all students with special education needs should be mainstreamed. This could do more harm than good. The students without disabilities could be severely negatively impacted by this change and inclusion due to noise, behavior, and accommodation differences in the classroom. The unique curriculum and classrooms designed to cater to their needs is perfect for students with severe disabilities.

  • No, students with learning disabilities should not be generally mainstreamed with other students.

    Children with learning disabilities need to be taught different material at a different pace than other students. Depending on the severity of the learning disability the learning impaired could become a distraction to the other students. If they're not learning the material and they're distracting the other students, there is no valid reason that the two groups should be combined. It's better to grade and gauge the learning impared separatly from other students.

  • Students with learning disabilities

    Students with learning disabilities generally should not be mainstreamed with other students. I do not believe they can learn with others to their full potential if they are put into an envinroment that is more difficult for them.. It will only discourage their learning more and they will continue to drop from society.

  • Needs To Be A Line

    I do not believe all students with learning disabilities should be mainstreamed in with other students. We have some students who simply can not function in standard classrooms and they need more one on one attention than they would receive there. I believe a line needs to be drawn. Students with ADHD and other similar problems should remain in classrooms, they simply benefit from smaller class sizes, while the several disabled should benefit from their own classrooms.

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