Should students with severe disabilities be taught academics.

  • Students with severe disabilities can learn academic topics

    Research shows increasing evidence that students with severe intellectual disabilities can learn to read or can at least comprehend text read aloud. Students with severe intellectual abilities should be learning more academics like reading, math, science, and history. Students with severe intellectual abilities should not spend more than half the day doing daily living skills.

  • The affirmative says that children need to learn academics even in the dillema of disability. I don't agree that.

    Children already know the basics of talking but when the very tricky equation comes into your life, this can overwhelm you severly, especially a child with disability. Even the most easiest questions can overload their fragile minds. That's why we do mind building when they are young in Australia. When the are older, they learn those basics. I know you might be from the UK or the US but I am giving my point from Australia. We give mind building so they are the best citizens we can think of. That's what hapened with Einstein, the smartest person. I am Waliba and I don't want academics for children?

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