• Fuck outta here

    We need money! Money money money! Money is the key to our future! We are looking out for our future! Money is the best thing! Parents won't always be there to give money in hand right away! We need to be able to get a hold and be in control of our own money to take our own action!

  • Working during high school can teach one on the value of money.

    When an individual devotes time and is forced to be industrious to carry out his job, He will often begin to realise the difficulty and hardships in earning money. After working for a week at Macdonalds, My sister would often come home lamenting her exhaustion of having to "toil" for long hours. She also frequently expressed her frustration of having to deal with unreasonable customers. Hence, Work experience plays a pivotal role in making one attuned to the hardships in earning money. It can teach valuable lessons and cause one to be more careful and not engage in frivolous spendings or splurges. Furthermore, It can increase the appreciation one has towards his parents;the individual is attuned to the hard work the latter has to put in to make money and solve bread and butter issues.

  • Why the fudge not

    Money he she they need like wtf cmon now its 2018 they be buyin coke on the streets fam u know what me sayin blood? Like the saying goes "when ya bring the dough ya get the ho" - Norman Pop. So yeah thats it mofos let yo child work.

  • Yes it creates discipline and hard work ethic

    I have a job and i work everyday after school for 3 hours. It's an easy job but it does impact my grades in some way. If i didn't have my job though i wouldn't have as much money as i do now so i would rather have a job

  • You choose the kind of person you want to be.

    Most of the people here sound like they're siding with letting things be easy. Yes doing both work and school c̶a̶n̶ is stressful no doubt about it, but you aren't going to be gaining anything by choosing to just go to school like everyone else. If you want to succeed you need to go above and beyond and put in those extra hours. No parent should force their child to work while they study, rather, the student should be mature enough to know that it will truly help them. If they're not interested in that then don't join the workforce.

  • Of course they should.

    If a teenager goes into college with zero work experience and zero knowledge of how to deal with money, they most likely will not have an easy time getting through college on a minimum wage job. Also, knowing how to balance school and a job is a skill you will need while attending university

  • Good for College

    Putting that you worked somewhere is good for college resumes. Also the money that they make can be used to go to college or even buy the things that parents can't afford in their budget. Jobs also gives teenagers an independent feel. Having a job is like moving out the house to teenagers.

  • Of course they should!

    Learning how to balance school and work is something that will benefit students in later life. Earning a little money will also help them learn to save and manage it, which is something that most people struggle with. Students in high school that are still living under their parents' roof, should definitely get part-time jobs. Living with their family allows for them to maintain a sense of stability as they learn how to manage their time and money. Having a part-time job during high school is a great, slow transition into adulthood.

  • Money money money

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  • After 12th student were grew up they knows what's the right choice for them

    Student should do job after 12th because they do job so they earn money and with money they earn experience which was the main thing of a job or they do job in teenage so they were behave like a professional in the age of 20 or 21 and they know about the value of money because when they earn money so they spend their money their family members does'nt give them money because they earn money so they knows about the value of money with money they earn respect for them and for their parents so i think student should do job after 12th

  • Students should be students.

    There are only 24 hours in a day. The opportunity cost of working at a job earning minimum wage is too high. The amount that a student can make in high school is nothing compared to what they will be earning after college. Not to say that a job is a bad thing, it can teach valuable career skills and responsibility. However, between school, sports, NHS, Key Club, Student council. Band, chorus, year book, if there is any free time after that it should probably be used studying.

  • High School student with a job.....

    As a high school student with a job, I can speak from experience the hardships of working a job and going to school. I have to consume around 500mg of caffeine per day to stay awake and maintain a 4.33(out of 5) weighted gpa and a 3.8(out of 4) unweighted gpa and try to have a social life outside of school and work. If any parents are reading this, I would re-think letting/making your kid(s) have a job.

  • Education is important

    One should work on getting great grades, so that one can get a great career. A job would take away from time to study. With great grades they can get into college and have a better chance of getting scholarships. I am a straight A student with a full schedule. I wouldn't be getting straight As if I had a job. School consumes my life.

  • I fully agree that school is more important than earning money for teens.

    If to talk about me, I am a student and I study in the final form. All my free time I spend on preparing for exams. I am at school from 9 a.M till 4 p.M. After school I come home and start doing my homework. Do you really think that I have time to work and earn my own pocket money? I do not think so.

  • School is more necessary.

    Most people who work during high school usually end up dropping out of high school or there grades just suffer also it's draining to go to work and then go to high school you go to work all ready and by the time your done working your energy is almost completely gone so in turn you lack the sufficient power to listen and have rational thinking during class then think that your making enough money now "so why should I stay in high school" and end up quieting high school or your so focused on your job that you don't realize that your grades end up not looking goods I would compromise and only work during the summer.

  • No, students can gain life skills in other ways.

    My son achieved top marks at the end of high school. He was very committed to sports and I thoroughly believe that he became more independent and gained greater teamwork and leadership skills through this. It also kept him active and healthy. By using spare time during high school for other commitments, students can balance their studies more easily and with more flexibility than if they had a job. They also gain invaluable life skills that are not made available in the workforce.

    Posted by: Maud
  • No, education should be their biggest priority.

    High school makes up only five years of a person's life. These years should be dedicated to getting the best education they possibly can in order to increase career prospects later, when working is more important. My daughter had a job at the beginning of year 12, but between social activities, sports, leadership roles and other commitments, she was forced to decide what was most important to her. We both agreed that sacrificing her studies and other commitments was not worth a few extra dollars.

  • Too Much Work.

    Students should not work during high school. Of course students should learn to handle things on their own but education should always come first. It is very hard to focus on studies when you have another thing that takes up such a large portion of you time. Students should not have to work while in school.

  • It should not be allowed

    They will be able to afford drugs! They will also get too much stress. This is bad because it is proven to affect the grades a student may get! If parents really care for their kids, they would prevent them from getting a part time job at that young age

  • Student with a job

    As a highschool student with a job, I can say working while studying is a grade killer. After school, many students tend to do their homework then take the rest of the day / weekend off. With a job, this free time is taken and while quickly wear down a student. When they want their free time back, either their job or homework will be sacrificed and if they get too used to money, they'll easily sacrifice their academics without even knowing it. Getting a job is the biggest regret I have in my highschool career, and now stuck with a car loan, I can't quit and the workload is cutting off my high school experience and becoming harder. Maybe keep the job for weekends only and never over 20 hours a week.

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