• Yes, but not many hours a week.

    Actually, some of our problems economically stem from the fact that students have no practical skills or actual work experience. Starting in mid to late high school and moving on to college, they should be either working part time or being in an internship related to their studies so that they get some business sense.

  • Jobs Build Character

    Ideally, college students should work part-time while attending school. This allows them to begin to balance the demands of social life, work-life, and academic life. A part-time job is good, but working too many hours can detract from the student's concentration in the classroom and would have a negative effect.

  • No, it's hard to balnce your work with school

    Balancing your studies with work is very hard. Sometimes kids are having trouble at schools and eed more time to focus, therefore leaving no time to work, They can work in the summer, they still have a social life if they start working early. Plus studies have shown that not as any students graduate when they work.

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