• Yes, it helps land a full-time job.

    Yes, students should work while in college, because the work experience makes it easier for them to land a full-time job after they are done with college. Working also gives them spending money and makes them less dependent on parents or loans. Students can appreciate the value of hard work by getting some experience while they are still in school.

  • I agree that students should work while in college.

    I feel that working in college can be helpful to many students especially with tuition costs being what they are. However not all students may be able to, or might be studying so much that working outside of school may make it very difficult to perform at their college. So I feel like it may depend on the student.

  • They should focus on their studies more

    I think that students in their college years should not work as they may be distracted from their studies by a few factors. One of it is that they would be deprived from sufficient rest. They would not get enough time to rest and might not be able to focus in classes. Besides that, they may feel stressed that they can't cope with studies due to too many things to do as studying and working will occupy a lot of time in their daily life. Moreover, if college students are willing to focus more on their studies, they would get better grades and definitely get better jobs in the future.

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