Should Submitters of Questions Always be given a chance to post a first comment before it is submitted for moderation

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • There is no reason why not

    I get the need for moderation. What I don't understand is why some of the time you get to post your supporting argument and then it is submitted for moderation and some of the time it is submitted for moderation before you even get to make a supporting argument.

    It's really annoying. Usually I have my argument ready to go, and then it doesn't let me even type it. And then if it gets approved it gets buried because I'm busy and forget about it.

    There is no practical reason not to have it submitted for moderation ONLY after a supporting argument has been made. That way it still is not on display without having first been moderated and the submitter is given the convenience of being able to type out their argument.

    Also very few questions have anything inappropriate in the question itself, so it's not practical to moderate before the supporting argument has been given.

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