Should Subway remove a potentially dangerous ingredient from its bread, if it's FDA-approved as safe to use ?

  • They should remove it.

    Regardless of whether or not the ingredient is FDA approved, I believe that Subway should take responsibility and remove it. If this ingredient has the potential to kill or injure consumers, it is something that should not be used in their food, I also believe that if this is the case, the FDA's standards should be higher.

  • Subway should choose what will send the best message to its customers.

    Subway is not morally obligated nor should it be legally compelled to remove ingredients for "potental harm" as anything is potentially harmful or dangerous in absence of exhaustive testing. As a marketing strategy, Subway should consider alternative options as rational risk taking is not synonymous with rational customer and consumer behavior.

  • Yes,Subway should remove a potentially dangerous ingredient from its bread.

    Yes,even though the ingredient has been approved by the FDA Subway should make the corporate decision to remove the ingredient from its bread.As far as wholesomeness goes,Subway should make the decision to go beyond the minimum that the government requires.This will attract a higher grade of customer.on a more regular basis.

  • FDA approval does not equate to healthy

    FDA approval only means that the experiments used did not yield a dangerous effect in the manner that the substance was intended. Creatine was FDA approved right up until people started using it wrong, taking too much, drinking too little, and dying of liver failure. Given the opportunity, people will find a way to screw something up. Subway would be best advised to remove the additive before something goes wrong.

  • Its not dangerous

    If the FDA has approved the substance, and says that it is alright to be in their bread, then it does not pose a threat to the public, and we should not worry whether it is or is not in the bread that we eat, when we can focus on other things.

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