• Silly talking title

    I think sugary drinks should not be banned in primary schools because sugary drinks is too sugary fhgfhbjnbbhfcfxxsjfcm you guys are too stupid that i am the most harmful people in the world ha ha ha bye all the silly guys in this debate see all of you guys next time!

  • No more sugary drinks!

    Our daily intake of sugar is 6 teaspoons a day, no more. Most sugary drinks have more than 6 teaspoons contained in them. The sugar that is in these drinks are addicting, causing habits which could lead to possible health interruptions E.G Diabetes, heart problems. Saying using a straw can stop rotting of the teeth, isn't a reliable option. These are drinks. A liquid substance. Saying that it doesn't go through your teeth is a lie, its going to go all around your teeth through it, over it, beside it, really its common sense. The only sugar that is good for us is the NATURAL SUGAR! Believe it or not we actually need Natural Sugar in our intake. Weather that's through fruit, veges, etc

  • Sugary drinks should be banned.

    Sugary drinks should be banned because of many reasons. Many people are becoming obese because they are relying on sugary drinks for a beverage. People are becoming fat and lazy because of all the junk they can buy. Only the obese people will be affected by this ban, if you can learn how to be in shape and not rely on a sugary drink to fill your taste buds, then you'll be fine

  • Hell naw it don't give you diabetes.

    I've been drinking at least 2 cups/bottles of coke everyday every week for the last 2 years, Ain't nothing ever happened to me, Cause im the HOTMAN! Diabetes ain't finna do nothing to me. IF you get diabetes because of too much sugar, You suck and you are a weak man.

  • Its not really important

    Drinks are just drinks. It doesn't matter if they do harm you, if you wanna drink a soda everyday for the rest of your life then you can do that while knowing the consequences. You shouldn't remove something that people probably drink once a day or a week. Its unfair too the company's and the people that don't drink it mad crazy.

  • Let us drink sugary drinks.

    My boy Tyrone was drinking a sugary drink but he was stopped by some person they says to him" that stuffs gives you diabetes" Well I said "heck no I has been drinking sugary drinks for all my life and I don't have any diabetes, I am not obese, I weigh 153 and I am 24.

  • Sugary drinks should not be banned

    Use straws, very good for dental health. #rekt

    Dental Health: BRUSH YE TEETH! Okay, well first let me start with the fact that a lot of dental clinics have posters on the walls going on about the importance of sugary drinks. In fact, a lot of them are telling you to have them just not every single second of every day. And if you’re worried about your teeth rotting or gum disease, I have one single solution that’ll cost you next to nothing. Straws, if you use a straw, sugary drinks don’t go through your teeth or gums but instead leave them nice and clean. It’s a lot healthier. A mere 39% of people agree with adding a tax, while 61% don’t. Referanced from fizz.Org.Nz

  • America is a free country!

    Hey we fought Britain for freedom right? Well we aren't free if the goverment is going to ban sugary drinks. It is just weird if they do. People should already know if sugary drinks are bad for them. But if they want to drink some awesome sugary drinks let them do it. If you want to be huge, then be huge. I love Hawian Punch and i would not like it if i couldn't have it. So you get the point right? I hope you do!

  • No they should not.

    If someone like something that is good for them, why take it away. People are given their life and should do what they enjoy their lives. The government is cracking down on way too many things now days. The sugary drinks may make you overweight but that is a person's own decision.

  • Sugary drinks should not be banned.

    People should be able to drink whatever they decide to. There is sugar in a lot of things, and in natural things such as fruit. It would be silly to ban sugary drinks when sugar is in so many other things. People should be able to decide on a diet for themselves.

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