Should sugary drinks be banned from public schools?

  • It's an unnecessary distraction

    Kids don't really need to bring their sugary drinks to school. If they do, it encourages other kids to also bring sugary drinks to school. Soon, many kids are bringing them to school and it becomes a distraction and may be a cause for bullying. Also, if they see other kids having sugary drinks at school and it becomes "cool", kids will start doing it at home too, which will increase obesity.

    Another reason not to allow sugary drinks at school is that they are associated with fun and goofing off. If a bunch of kids have sugary drinks with them at school, school will start to be associated with fun and goofing off. Although there is a time and place for it at school, school in general should not be associated with fun and goofing off, instead it should be associated with learning and growing as a person.

  • Fatness sickness or death

    Kids could get really fat and sick. Some times kids would be at school and get candy but if the kids die the school will be out of business for sure. I am not kidding they could run out of business for SURE. SO PLEASE STOP TO SAVE A CHILD'S LIFE.

  • Sugary drinks do not ruin your teeth

    You know how at the dentist how they have a rotten tooth in a cup of soda and say this is what will happen to your teeth. Well when we drink fizzy the drink doesn't sit on our teeth for along time its only touching our teeth for a short time then we swallow it. Also we can brush our teeth so if you drink lots of fizzy you can brush your teeth with good toothpaste such as Colgate and Macleans. However if you don't brush your teeth then it will still be ok, but if you don't brush your teeth for a week then there is gonna be a problem.

  • Get rid of sugary drinks

    You should get rid of sugary drinks because studies show that if you to many sugary drinks it may lead to diabetes, or heart disease. Also an average kid consumes 300 calories a day, 15% are consumed by sugary drinks. A study found that people who eat little or no added sugar get little or no tooth decay.

  • They should have the right

    They should have the right to make there own decision on how the want to live there life.If the want to be obese they can. Some people have problems in there life maybe they are getting abused at home and the eat there way out of it. You just don't know. So do be hating. You don't know there background so don't judge them about it .

  • No, the freedom of choice is a fundamental right

    I think there is nothing wrong with sugary drinks in public schools. It is the responsibility of a child's parents to instill values in their child. If they give a child the means to purchase sugary drinks and fail to teach them about good dietary choices, it is the fault of the parents and not the school system that their child becomes obese.

  • Only if they are too big

    Maybe if they are more than 20 fl oz... Other than that people should be allowed to bring any drink to school. I bring 20 oz powerades to school to have for lunch, and since the time they took powerade out of the vending machine, I had to bring my own.

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