• Yes, It should.

    A lot of people say if it's legal it's good. If suicide were to be made legal there would be much re suicides because"If it's legal it's okay. " So suicide should be illegal. I agree they shouldn't be blamed but it should still be illegal. That's my view on suicide.

  • No because it is your own self, Not murdering another unconsenting party

    By all means, If somebody wants to commit suicide they should be allowed to by the law. It is their own life in their own hands, The state should not make this choice for them. What I don't mean by this is that it should be encouraged, No we as a society should still help those in distress to not make this choice. But making it a crime is just not helpful in preventing it and doesn't really make sense. I would only criminalize certain types of suicide that could put other people in danger.

  • That Won't Solve Anything.

    It's better to provide psychological help for people who want to commit this thing, Instead of making them feel guilt for their self-loathing. As a person who had suicidal thoughts in my teenage years, I can say that blaming people who suffer from this condition is no good, And it doesn't make them productive.

  • Absolutely not, It is of no gain to anyone.

    A crime would indicate that an offence has been made, Or to cause a negative impact to others. Our time and energy should be spent helping someone going through hardship, Supporting them and their family and offering anything we can do to make them more comfortable.

    Not many people actually want to die, They just want their pain (either physical or psychological) to stop. So anything we can do to help them should be prioritised.

    All that happens by criminalising it, Is to bring shame to friends and family of this person after the fact. Unnecessarily cruel, Especially after dealing with a loss.

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