• Yes it should.

    Suicide should be considered a criminal offense because it is still technically taking a life and should be considered as much. It should not make a difference if it is your own life or not. If we go too easy on people who attempt this than we can not stop them before doing it.

  • Yes, it should

    Because 50% of people that try to commit suicide, but failed tried it a second time and succeeded. Suicide rates will go down because they are getting the help that they need, so they most likely won’t try again. It cost the US 69 billion dollars annually. Also, the statists show that for every 1 suicide 25 attempt.

  • It's not about punishment

    Police are unable to enter a home unless they have ample suspicion that a crime is being committed. By making suicide illegal, police are able to be given tips on people that may commit suicide and be of assistance. Making suicide against the law also makes it possible for The Blue Whale Suicide Game to be banned.

  • Yes it should

    Suicide should be considered a criminal offense because it is still technically taking a life and should be considered as much. It should not make a difference if it is your own life or not. If we go too easy on people who attempt this than we can not stop them before doing it.

  • Makes no sense

    This makes no sense because their already dead, so what they go to HELL PRISON! Another thing suicide is like Accidental Murder, no it's like
    something that isn't a crime but something that happens because of depression or if the get cancer and say "enough is enough", so no it should not be considered a crime. Besides 92% and more agree with me!

  • Suicide is not a Crime

    If someone is driven to commit suicide, something is going on either in their head or life as it is. If they either fail or are brought back after attempting suicide, charging them and putting them in jail for it will make them even worse. Suicide is a problem, but it isn't one that the government and everyone else should be charged for. If they're driven to commit suicide, obviously they need help not people to be against them.

  • Suicide is not a crime, nor is it selfish

    Suicide is not selfish, but what is selfish is pushing someone to the point of suicide, however you may have done it, and whoever did that should have been charged with murder. It is also selfish to let someone suffer rather then letting them take there own life. If your going to take your own life though, best to think it through first, because it may feel like it could get worse, but you never know what your missing, maybe you will save people also suicidal or make millions of dollars, but you will never know if your dead, but suicide still shouldn't be illegal, if anything the person causing someone to suffer to the point of suicide should be arrested for life sentence for murder or if the victim isnt dead then attempted murder.

  • Suicide is not a crime

    Those who attempt suicide see it as their only choice. They just want their pain to go away. Mental illness is often at the root of suicidal tendencies, and you have no idea what's going through another person't mind. Those who attempt suicide do not intend to harm others, they just want their pain to go away so what the heck is wrong with wanting to end the pain.

  • They should be helped not hindered.

    Bear in mind that the 'suspect' is also the victim. In any other case you would never even think of punishing the victim.
    In reality the true murderer in a suicide case is the person that pushed them over the edge. After a suicide a trial should be held but not for the victim. It should be to find out who made them commit suicide. They are murderers.
    You cannot stop someone committing suicide so what's the point.
    You cannot punish someone if they are dead so again, what's the point. You could say punish the family but what the hell have they done?? (Assuming they weren't abusive or anything)
    So say it is mandatory to keep on living is disgusting.

  • Post Suicide trial

    After you kill yourself, how can you be given a trial, if it were to become a crime? Also, you would be unable to be given any reasonable punishment, because people do NOT want a dead body stinking up a jail house. If you are taking your own life, and murder might have the possible death penalty, then how could you give a dead person a death penalty? Do they turn you into a zombie and then kill you again?

  • If people wish to commit suicide then let them.

    They are taking their own lives. That is their right, it is NOT the same as taking another life and cannot be viewed as such, particularly if the person has a life of misery and / or pain.
    After seeing a relative in such misery I am now in full support of voluntary suicide. The only time he looked peaceful was in the mortuary, He spent years in agony and sickness from cancer.
    Sad, but true.

    Posted by: gd29
  • It's your life, if you want to leave you can

    1) You are in control of your life
    2) It is not selfish
    3) Would their family and friends rather see them suffer everyday living a horrible life than to be at peace? If so, than THAT'S selfish.
    4) No judgement should be made of suicidal people
    5) It is often not attention seeking

  • Suicide is punishment in itself.

    Suicide should not be a punishable criminal offense because people should have the right to decide whether or not they want to end their own life. No one else should have a say in the matter. Punishing suicide attempts (because obviously successful suicides can't be punished) is just obutse and unnecessary.

  • Laws Shouldn't Stop People From Self Harm

    I do not believe it is necessary to create laws to protect people from themselves. I certainly do not believe there is any reason to create laws against suicide. This would be a law that wouldn't benefit anyone. Suicide is very tragic and ideally it wouldn't happen, but making it a criminal offense isn't going to help anyone.

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