• It's your life.

    You were brought into this world against your will. You should have the right to leave it as you please. Not to mention it is your body and your life, if you want to give it up you should be allowed. I don't really want to be alive, I wish assisted suicide was legal.

  • Everyone has the right to die with dignity, whenever they wish.

    To claim that you, or anyone, has the right to tell me I cannot commit suicide is the same as saying you OWN ME. You assume to have a higher claim to my own body and mind than I do, that you have the right to judge my state and worth and decide what is to be done with me. Myself, I would call that slavery. You do not own me, I do.

    There is nothing wrong with assisted suicide either. Why would it be OK for me to kill myself, possibly painfully due to a sloppy death, but then if I were to go to a medical facility where I could have a painless death suddenly becomes immoral? The logic does not follow. Law enforcement community for the most part view someone attempting suicide as unstable. They believe that no person would commit suicide that was of sound mind. Its insane to believe that an individual is not intelligent enough to decide that they are ready to die, or to help them do it in the most effiecient and painless manner possible.

  • Suicide is a personal choice. No one asked to be born so why shouldn't we have the choice to die?

    A lot of people I know, including myself, were born into dysfunctional families and weren't treated fairly. People make stupid decisions, yes. But the stupid decisions were made by the parents who, to put it nicely, ruined semen's opportunity at a happy life. It's never anyone choice to be born. If you think about it in moral terms, we were born against our will. That's immoral. Suicide is a choice and it should be to make it.

  • God gave you free will do control your life.

    God gave you free will to make your own decisions, whether you die in hell or live in heaven, serve satin or god. He also gave you the freedom of making your own choices.

    If you wish to kill yourself, then the you will most likely go to hell, but that punishment is what makes us human, we learn from our mistakes, like jail or death penalty.

    There isn't really a difference, it's just a different type of choice and punishment, but God gave us this choice, and man has taken that choice away, saying it is wrong.

    But sinning is wrong, killing others is wrong, terrorism is wrong, so what is the deference from taking others lives and being punished from it and your own.

    Honestly people become angered because they hate their life so much they take it out on others by hurting or killing them, If they were given the choice to end their lives like they want.

    It might actually save lives by letting them, sure its a loss. But if a man wants his life to end because his suffering angers him, would you rather he pick up a gun and take his anger out by shooting everyone around him.

    Or would just allow his to kill himself and avoid people getting shot. Babies are born every minute on earth, sure its a loss but sometimes a loss can prevent a tragic.

  • Yes... My body

    I don't wanna now hear selfish retarded Christians, Muslims or Jews opinions forced upon us. God forces you to become a slave on us. All of you are living a fraud and you are just guessing your belief of creation is the correct one!! SCIENCE IS ALL WHAT IS HERE... Not 6000 year old FAIRY TALES!!

    This is my body. No one has a right to control a living being, this is no one else's body. Saying you don't have a right to suicide is extremely selfish and you are taking away a basic human right. It is probably as immoral as a murder not allowing suicide.

  • Freedom Dictates an Exit

    It's our life.

    We get to choose when we exit.

    Nobody gets to determine otherwise.

    Why not make it a controlled process; this will eliminate any suffering.

    People say pro suiciders are "selfish?"

    Well in that case; anti suiciders are moronic.

    And they are forcing me to live among them?

    See the irony here?


  • No other human being should be allowed to remove this right from another. It can only be one's own choice.

    Historically it is religion that has created the social norm and widespread point of view that suicide is wrong. The ancient Greeks and Romans had a very relaxed attitude towards suicide. In some cases it was even considered the honourable thing to do. It was the advent of Christianity with the Council of Arles 452 that it was declared as the work of the Devil. Sadly, we carry on this unenlightened viewpoint. One should have a right to end one's own life. No other human being should be allowed to remove this right from another. It can only be one's own choice.

  • Is life suffering?

    The only thing that should matter is how each person answers the above question. If the think that life truly consists in suffering, they should be legally allowed and supported. The government should allow these people to have quick, painless methods of suicide, in a controlled environment, so they do what they deem right in a way that's sensible to everyone, regardless of what other people think. Or, at least, allow private companies to do so. After all, if this was allowed, we would reduce a number of problems, and the world would become a better place, as only those who really want to live would keep doing so.

  • You don't own me

    I've lived in emotional pain my entire life. I'm only 23, and I'm told its only going to get worse from here. What am I to do? Just deal with it? Why? Because society depends on my income? I must bust my ass in a wasted life, for what end exactly?

    It's sad when anyone dies or commits suicide. Don't get me wrong. Some people, such as myself, don't have anyone, so its not like we'll be missed. But others will. And I'm sorry for their losses, its sad. Blame a medical system that doesn't have the answers, that focuses more on profit than on healing. Not us.

    Plus, I'm going through a lot more pain everyday than anyone will feel the few days they grieve my absence if they do at all.

  • The right to live includes the right to end that life

    If one has the constitutional rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, then one can exercise those rights how one sees fit. If one believes the pursuit of happiness necessarily entails an end to life then the state has no right to disallow them from exercising said right. There is also a resulting freedom of religion. Many people believe in an afterlife and that belief cannot be regulated either

  • Suicide shouldn't become a legal human right, because it goes against many religious beliefs, and it is also considered self-induced murder.

    Death is supposed to be a natural way of life, no matter the circumstances. Inducing one's own death is murdering yourself, and it also goes against many religious beliefs. As a Christian, I feel that committing suicide is giving up on God and taking your life into your own hands. While I'm aware that there are various medical conditions that require comfort and morphine, as one is dying, physician-assisted suicide or self-induced suicide is morally wrong.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • Suicide DOES affects others, and suicidal people are in no state of mind to make decisions about killing themselves

    Everyone has someone that cares about them, and these people would be devastated if a loved one committed suicide. For example, what if a guy with a family committed suicide? What would happen to his kids, his wife? Also, many people who commit suicide are in not in a right state of mind. How can we say that they are making an informed decision? Saying that we should let people decide whether or not to kill themselves is like saying that we should let 5 year olds decide how much candy they want to eat.

  • Suicide is morally wrong and should not be granted as a legal human right.

    Suicide goes against the moral fiber of our country and as result should not be granted as a legal human right. It is morally wrong for one to take their own life even if it eases their suffering. Some regularly argue that people should be allowed to die with dignity. This will certainly stop the pain but will condemn the soul forever. Therefore the benefits in this instance are not outweighing the drawbacks.

    Posted by: I3nnJan
  • It should not

    Nature has made humans to be productive and live in the world ups and downs are general traits of life from whome none can escape. Nature has made humans unique and specific and has granted them with a special gift of brain,so instead of stepping backward and wasting our lives why not buck up our own selves face our problems and conflicts,and get away from as quickly as possible..

  • I do not believe that suicide should become a legal human right because many people wishing to commit this act are not in their right mind.

    I do not believe that suicide should become a legal human right because it might change the way that police and paramedics treat suicide cases. Since so many suicidal people are afflicted by mental disorders, depression or drugs, they are not making a fully coherent choice when they attempt suicide. It would be terrible if paramedics simply allowed them to die.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Why should we be allowed to end our own lives any more than we should be allowed to end the life of another?

    Killing is killing, and murder is murder, whether self-inflicted, or done by another. While I do not think that murder and suicide are exactly the same thing, their end is the same. If anyone and everyone was legally able to kill themselves, then it would cause a lot of problems in personal lives and in society. The results would be much more detrimental than any supposed positive side to a "right" like this.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Wow, really? 87Yes-12NO i expect the exact opposite.

    First you need to understand what rights are. You need RIGHTS if you want legal protection. If you kill yourself what's the point of having legal protection? You have the option to kill yourself, of course, but to call it a legal human right is completely idiotic. Water, food, education, medical care - that are human rights. It's absurd to call anything else human rights.

  • Disagreement with suggested

    If suicide 'were' to be made a human right, it would defy mans gift of life. I do not deem suicide as selfish or morally wrong if an individuals existence is filled with torment they have an entitlement to do as they wish' however i cannot foresee a positive outcome to ratifying a suicide human right as people will view it as a promotion or enticement to commit to this act if they feel upset. In most circumstances a solution to the problem can be found as the feeling is in the majority of cases temporary.

  • Suicide should not become a legal human right, because it devalues the sanctity of life.

    Societies that do not respect the sanctity of life will deteriorate in other ways as well. Suicide should not be legal, because making it legal will also open the door to many other ethical questions regarding life. It could possibly even lead to the practice of withholding medical treatment for those who desire it, if their lives are not considered to be of quality. That is not a question for the law to answer.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • Die well

    Often depression is a phase, and with the right help, most people will find that their lives become bearable again, and continue to get better. If not, die doing something useful like joining the army/police force (not as deadly...) etc. If you think that you don't deserve to live, then ship yourself off to another country where nobody knows you and die trying to protect others etc. Plus, if you do commit suicide, even if it's not a right, what's anyone going to do about it. Making suicide a right is just encouraging people who don't necessarily have to die, especially teenagers who can ruin their lives in a second, because of hormones/bullying when all they need is to talk to someone, try to fix the problem and wait it out. (I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but think of the people who don't know how valuable they are, so destroy everything in a few minutes).

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Anonymous says2013-06-04T23:32:43.587
I think it should be legal when it comes to someone who may have a terminal illness and nothing is going to help them much to prevent from dying a slow painful death as well as forming other difficulties along the way (aging can play a factor too, because we have to face that once someone's reached their 80s-90s then they will be impaired to where they're going to be left in a bed soiling themselves while in pain). Mental illnesses is sort of different since a person who feels driven by suicide is because they don't see any other option they can take to ease what ever they may be going through and the people they contact with may not give enough support if any to actually help from them to feel at the state that they're alone. Medicines may work, sometimes it doesn't. But in many cases it's basically a cry for help if they inflict pain on themselves or ready to perform the act of suicide since they don't see any other options for them. Proper counseling and medication if needed will usually keep them from going to a low point as well as support from close people if they're lucky to get it.