Should summer holidays in Europe be shortened to increase productivity?

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  • Shorter school holidays.

    I believe that school is very important because is is just very educational which means that they won't forget much. Moreover, children then don't care. And it will affect the grades that they would get on their result. Childrens' normal routines would also be changed which means that they will be more lazy than usual.

  • They should not be shortened

    No, summer holidays in Europe should not be shortened to merely increase the productivity. This would not sit well with many people because in reality these people's productivity would decrease. There is no reason to try to fix a situation that is not broken. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the time period set up at this time so there is no reason to change/shortened the summer holidays at this time.

  • They should not.

    Summer holidays in Europe should not be shortened to increase productivity. This will make a lot of people mad, and if your workers are made, their productivity will decrease. It is currently working, so there should be no reason to try and change it and risk having a bad outcome.

  • Summer holidays in Europe should not be shortened.

    It would not increase productivity if Europe decided to decrease summer holidays.It has been shown that people are more productive if they are given some time for rejuvenation.It may take longer to relax in today's 24 hour world.This is why a reduced vacation would not be a good idea for workers.

  • Long breaks are good

    Shortened time off would not directly translate to an increase in productivity. Whether it's a child or an adult, everybody benefits from taking time off and getting time to re-focus before going back to whatever tasks are expected of them. Lengthy holidays are not a bad thing, shortening them isn't a solution to any perceived problem.

  • No they should not.

    Europe should not shorten the summer holidays to increase productivity. I think that students need a chance to have a nice refreshing break where they do not have to worry about work and school and can just relax and get to be a kid for a bit instead of a student.

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