• Someone needs to sue him for defamation.

    Trump has no control over what he says, he literally just says what pops into his mind. That is not how a Presidential nominee, a President-Elect or a President should behave. I think it's great that Zervos has sued him. Now he'll be more diplomatic and hopefully not start a world war.

  • Yes, it is important that the president-elect's mysoginistic comments towards women be remembered and punished

    Many women came forward last year after the release of the infamous 'Access Hollywood' tape, in which president-elect Donald Trump boasted that his celebrity status entitled him to make inappropriate advances on women. Summer Zervos, a former 'Apprentice' contestant, has claimed that several years ago, Trump groped her during a meeting. At the time she did not decide to pursue legal action, but after the release of the 'Access' tape she has changed her mind. It is important that Zervos and other women like her feel that they can step forward, regardless of circumstance or the office the accused holds.

  • No, not in a moral sense.

    I guess one's opinion on this matter rest solely on whose story one believes. Personally, I don't think she is being entirely truthful. We have seen numerous times over centuries how pure allegations can ruin a life or career. Whether or not there is truth to them, a stain of uncertainty will remain on the accused, and most will even assume guilt. Donald Trump is an easy target, just like Bill Cosby. And once a single accuser emerges, past alleged victims magically come piling out of the woodwork. The frequency of these cases are unfortunate, because then it becomes harder to determine the truth, new victims are made through unjust verdicts, and real victims fall by the wayside.

  • Trump was attacked.

    There were people who were desperate to make sure that Trump wouldn't be elected President. They said whatever they had to, even things that weren't true. Nobody called Trump all of those horrible things before he decided to run for office. Zervos knows that she made herself a public figure so a lawsuit is unlikely.

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