Should Super Mario Bros. 2 be considered a Mario game?

Asked by: adossetter
  • Mario is on the cover.

    Mario is on the cover of the game, You f***ing idiot. Is it called Luigi's Grand Escapades? Bowser After Dark? Toadstool's Trials and Tribulations? No, So it's a Mario game, You stupid asshole.

    I hate you. I hate that you waste my time with such drivel. I want to believe that you're not serious here, But Debate. Org has high standards, So they wouldn't let just any country bumpkin shit all over the page with such hapless musings. Apologize on this page, Right now.

  • Yes it is a Mario game

    Japan did not want to release the same mario game like fifa 20.
    They decided to reskin a game called doki doki into mario 2.

    It is very different from the other Mario games but I believe it set some things in order.

    It made lugui a tall jumper but clumsy. It made toad a speed demon. It made peach the easy to use character that floats. Mario became the well rounded character. There were secret coins and mushrooms. It created the heart system that would be used in later Mario games.

    I liked playing it because it has different levels and interesting bosses and is something different from other games. If you want to see bad Mario games look at the ones that were licensed to the pc like Mario hotel.

  • It just isn't!

    Super Mario Bros. 2 shouldn't be considered a Mario game and that's already fair enough! It just doesn't have what the other games do! There;s no goombas, Coin boxes, Or even the king of koopas! Sure there are characters like Shy Guys or Bob Ombs that appear thorughout the Mario universe today, And they wouldn't be in it if it wasn't for this game, But I still think that the Japanese version (the lost Levels) should have been released on the NES outside of Japan because that's the real super Mario bros 2 that should actually be considered a Mario game to begin with! The only reasons for that version not being released outside of Japan on the NES being because it was too hard and it was too similar to the first Super Mario Bros. Game (which I think is the more important reason). I think the game itself sucks, And compared to the other games, It's the worst one out of the bunch!

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